Decision Points by George Bush is Latest in IMX Portfolio

Finding top selling books like decision points by George Bush is easier than ever with IMX.

Online PR News – 19-November-2010 – – Adding Decision Points by George Bush was an easy decision for IMX, an online distributor of sizzling hot products. The company provides consumers with easy access to goods they are looking for online. IMX is able to position products right where consumers are looking for them, on the front page of Google. When a customer searches for a book – or any product for that matter – it is not uncommon for IMX to push the product to the top of the search results. With just one click, the consumer can be on their way to purchasing the item for which they are seeking. The process can be especially significant during periods of high purchasing volume.

Search engines like Google and Yahoo love sites like IMX because they give the consumer a better, easier and quicker experience. All the changes seen in Google lately are designed to create a better experience for the user. If the user is happy with their search, chances are they will come back again and again. That is what Google and Yahoo want. Products like Decision Points by George Bush, is clearly a hot selling item and the objective of many search queries. IMX quickly recognized the opportunity and designed landing pages and press releases such as this one to inform consumers of their option to purchase through IMX. And since IMX works directly with the large retailers, the consumer receives the same security and availability to which they are accustomed.

Consumers can now purchase Decision Points by George bush through the IMX website.

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