Decision Points by George Bush, Now Available through IMX

Hot items like Decision Points by George Bush can be found at online retailers like IMX

Online PR News – 19-November-2010 – – Decision Points by George Bush has been receiving a surge of traffic, either from admirers of the former president, political junkies or just average citizens needing a Christmas gift for a political junky friend of theirs. The large number of purchases can put a strain on traditional shopping avenues so, the monolithic online merchant, has formed an agreement with IMX, an online distributor of hot selling products.

IMX gives consumers another option to purchase Decision Points by George Bush, but still receive the security and ease of transaction they normally expect from Amazon.

“If the online transaction becomes too slow for the consumer, we may be able to speed things up for them,” said Ken Anderson of IMX. “We give the consumer a safe and reliable alternative because their purchase actually goes through Amazon, but is initiated through our interface. Giving the consumer reliable alternatives is what we’re all about.”

IMX chose to feature Decision Points by George Bush because the book has been selling so well. The former president was a guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show earlier in the week and will visit Jay Leno on Thursday. Such promotion acts as a catalyst for even more sales. With the Holidays just around the corner, chances are it will continue to be a hot seller, giving more reason for the agreement between Amazon and IMX. To purchase Decision Points by former President George Bush, the consumer can visit the IMX website.

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