Announces July 2011 Work Study Program for Artists, Deadline Dec 31st 2010.

Only 6 Work Study Artists will be accepted for our Work Study Program July 2011. We are also inviting Artists of all experience levels to participate in our Month long Annual Sculpture Trails Cast Iron Sculpture Workshops July 2011.

Online PR News – 18-November-2010 – – The work study artist program is set up for Artists that are looking for hands on learning experiences involving: Cast iron sculpture, mold making, iron furnace prep and iron pour crew involvement, sculpture conservation, outdoor sculpture installation, and how to play with fire!

Requirements to become a Work Study Artist are as follows.
1. Able to work for the whole month of July 2011.
2. Proof of health insurance.
3. Responsible for your food, sand and iron cost

"As a Work Study Artist at Sculpture Trails Outdoor Museum my work
ethic grew tremendously as an artist and my knowable of mold making,
iron casting, chasing, finishing and installing outdoor sculpture has
pushed me forward faster in 30 days than I ever expected. I was able to
build my first big Iron outdoor sculpture for the Exhibition and with
that experience in my pocket I feel I have made a huge jump forward in
my work as a an Artist." Robin Baker, Work Study Artist July 2010.

The benefits of being in the work study artist program.
Your workshop fee will be waived for the month (a $1600 value).
With the fee waived you can produce iron sculptures at an extremely low cost.
You are automatically accepted into the Iron Sculpture Exhibition.
You are eligible to become a Trails Artist.
You will work with Artists from around the world.

Along with the Work Study Program, we are also inviting Artists of all experience levels to participate in our Month long Annual Sculpture Trails Cast Iron Sculpture Workshops July 2011.

Participants are encouraged to book a week now, online. Each workshop session will be held for 1 week, Monday to Monday. Participants will be working alongside a crew of professional Iron Sculptors, helping run the Iron Foundry, and mold making workshop to bring the participants sculptural visions to life. One week is the minimum, but you can also book, 2, 3 or even 4 weeks. It will be a month to remember.

"The Cast Iron Sculpture Workshops at Sculpture Trails is exploding
with energy, the furnace, the crew and participants all become one by
the end of the month. Moving, working and grinding as one big Iron
Sculpture making machine! "

Gerard Masse
Director of the Cast Iron Sculpture Workshops

A workshop registration fee includes one week of camping (indoor restroom, laundry and shower) at the Sculpture Trail’s campground and full access to the facilities at the Iron Foundry. Participants are responsible for the cost of their sand at 25 cents a pound and iron at 40 cents a pound. The series of workshops will conclude with the opportunity for selected works to become part of the museum’s permanent collection. The furnace taps a max 800 lbs, so think big! Put your piece in the 2011 cast iron exhibition.

Sculpture Workshops are held on the Museum Grounds at the Sculpture Trails Iron Foundry in Solsberry, IN during July 2011. To become a Work Study Artist email a request for Work Study info through our website. To become a Cast Iron Sculpture Workshop participant visit and apply online.

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