Top 3 Dentists relaunches website with essential additional information

Top 3 Dentists has added valuable information to its website including sections on the Advisory Board, Blog, Virtual Consult and Credentialing Process

Online PR News – 17-November-2010 – – As Top 3 Dentists continues to thrive and grow so does its website. Adding further information empowers their dentists and patients by giving extra knowledge to both, all the while forming an all-encompassing intellectually enlightening site. Starting with the implementation of the Advisory Board which consists of a network of highly trained and well respected dentists who have agreed to give Top 3 Dentists essential help on a constant basis. Their array of specialties, including clinical dentistry, organizational development, technology, policy, and outreach, make this a highly distinguished designation. Their abilities, experience, and knowledge were selected for how they complement Top 3 Dentists' mission and goals; to educate consumers in advances in dentistry. Dr. Gary E. Alhadef one of the Advisory Board members explained, "I am proud to serve on the Top3Dentists Advisory Board. Top 3 Dentists is a great resource for patients looking for a highly qualified dentist in their area. They can feel confident in their choice of a recommended dentist due to the thorough screening process that dentists must undergo to qualify as a Top 3 Dentist."

The Top 3 Dentists Blog section is comprised of articles that run the gamut of dental topics from flossing to dental implants. This is an informational section for patients that touches on different subjects and can answer questions about procedures and dental issues. There are also press releases located within the Blog that keep patients updated on the happenings with Top 3 Dentists and its members. The Virtual Consult section is another tool for patients. In this area a patient can learn more about a procedure by watching a video in which the doctor is actually performing the procedure. This is one of the best ways for a patient to be educated and have their fear of the unknown subsided before going to their dental appointment. "Practicing dentistry is a privilege and I feel that I owe it to my patients to provide them with the best and the latest dental procedures science has to offer. My approach is to consider the total health and to try to positively affect that through my work. Top3Dentists is another portal for me to show patients the importance of exceptional dentistry" stated Advisory Board member Dr. Hamid Nassery.

The Credentialing Process is a unique method that separates Top 3 Dentists from other dental referral sources. It is a comprehensive process that consists of the evaluation of the dentist's pre and post treatment photos and interviewing their labs, patients, mentors and referring doctors. Based on all of the assessments combined, an average rating is provided and a credential report is created. This method along with the in depth research that is done before the dentist is invited to be credentialed, makes Top 3 Dentists an invaluable resource for consumers, specialists and all dentists that are in search for optimal dental health. Dr. I Stephen Brown expands on this process, "Top 3 Dentists has emerged as one of the premier web resources for patients who wish to identify exceptionally qualified dentists in their area. To be designated a Top 3 Dentist, one has to pass a rigorous screening and credentialing process, involving a careful analysis of academic achievements, commitment to continuing dental education and the favorable opinions of patients and colleague dentists. The Top 3 Dentists Shield recognizes dental professionals who are unconditionally committed to providing the highest level of care, skill and judgment. It is a privilege to serve on the Advisory Board of Top 3 Dentists."

Top 3 Dentists (T3D) is dedicated to providing patients and dentists with relevant information and assessments of top dental professionals throughout the United States. As a resource for outstanding dental professionals who aim to distinguish their practice, T3D aims to educate the public regarding dentistry, dental training, specialties, accolades and technology. Using an unbiased panel of dental professionals, Top Dentists are nominated, reviewed and given a rating system based on actual patient, instructor, mentor, staff and laboratory feedback.

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