New Technology Meets Buried Treasure and Creates Multimedia Gold

Timeless Novel Unveiled in Modern Day 3D Audiobook

Online PR News – 17-November-2010 – – Robert Louis Stevenson had a premonition. He left children of all ages a treasure to be discovered over 100 years after his death.

Welcome to Treasure Island, The Experience.

FlyingWord, Inc., an eBook innovator, has rediscovered the treasure Robert Louis Stevenson buried in 1883, and has brought it back with a modern twist. With the help of 3D technology, the thrilling tale of pirates and treasure is brought to life in full color, with an audiobook and special effects that enhance this classic story. Designed for the iPad and iPhone, the app book includes a seven hour audio performance with voices, special effects, and original music synchronized to the original text.

"We are so happy to bring the book Treasure Island to life using images from the original printings of Treasure Island. Working with the University of Minnesota's Children's Literature Library was fantastic. The archive has several antique copies of the original printing of Robert Louis Stevenson's books, including Treasure Island," said Richard Monson-Haefel, FlyingWord Chief Executive Producer.

Incorporating the elements of sight, sound, and touch, children and adults of all ages can enjoy this classic tale regardless of learning style. Treasure Island, The Experience includes 34 original music compositions created and performed by Andrew Osano, as well as seven hours of one of the greatest Treasure Island audio narrations ever by Glenn X. Goa.

"By using our new publishing platform and the magic of the iPad, we've been able to create this wonderful 3D pop-up experience that feels completely natural, doesn't involve the use of special 3D glasses, and fades away from the reader to allow them to focus on the words whenever they want," said Joe Weber, FlyingWord Chief Executive Officer.

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