xyzReptiles now Offering True Redtail Boas for Sale Online

xyzReptiles is happy to announce the addition of true redtail boas for sale to their ever expanding lineup of captive bred and born exotic pets.

Online PR News – 17-December-2016 – Miami – Miami, Florida’s very own online reptile specialty store xyzReptiles is happy to have as a permanent feature the category of true redtail boas as their newest addition to their ever expanding lineup of exotic reptiles. The category of true redtails will feature exotic boa constrictors from countries such as Suriname, Guyana, Brazil and Bolivia to name just a few.

The staff at xyzReptiles has been working diligently to prepare the housing enclosures for their newest member of the Boa constrictor family. True Suriname red tail boas are a breathtaking animal to see and hold in person. Known for their silver coloration, their pronounced peaked saddles as well as their brightly colored crimson tails, Suriname redtail boas are a very sought after member of the boa family.

“We are very proud to be working with one of the true pioneers of the reptile industry to bring you this very exotic snake species”, said Amir Soleymani, one of the founding members of the online reptile store. Mr. Soleymani continued to say, ”this is the first species of true redtail boas to be featured on our site but we are working hard to make sure that it won’t be the only one!”

Suriname Redtail Boas can grow to an impressive size of ten or more feet in length and are not meant for everyone. A prequalification for keeping one of these exotic snakes is having the ability to house, care for and handle what is considered a larger reptile species. Suriname Redtail boas feed on a diet of small mammals, birds and iguanas in the wild but will readily take pre-killed or frozen thawed rodents off of tongs in captivity. An enclosure of at least six to eight feet in length is recommended for housing adults safely and securely.

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