Online Bookstore of Cooking Recipes by Sanjeev Kapoor Launched

A great news for Indian Food lovers around the world is that a new Bookstore of Sanjeev Kapoor’s Cooking Recipe Books has been launched online . Like all online store this one will provide millions of Sanjeev Kapoor’s fans around the world a 24 * 7 access to his cookery books and an amazing collection of really unique worldclass recipes of food popular in India .

Online PR News – 18-November-2010 – – Sanjeev Kapoor fans all around the world can now rejoice as a new online bookstore of his books has been launched online that will provide 24 * 7 access to his cooking recipe books from any part of the globe .

Sanjeev Kapoor is a well known magician with food who needs no introduction when we enter the world on Indian cooking . He is a worldclass chef or more appropriately a food magician or the greatest recipe inventor who has the given the world thousands of unique recipes . He has served the Indian Food industry and made the greatest contribution in popularizing the Indian food in all parts of the world . People have come to respect Indian food and crave to have a feast of it just because of people like Sanjeev Kapoor who has devoted every minute of their life in developing new recipes .

India itself is a country of several food cultures where different states have speciality in dishes . Sanjeev Kapoor is one authority who has written hundreds of books covering thousands of recipes from different parts of India covering a wide aura of tastes . He is a real genius with food and has gifted the world several thousand unique recipes . Just to have an Idea of the vastness of his knowledge about food I give here a small list of some very valuable books on food recipes from the hundreds that he has written (and can be easily obtained from his online bookstore whose address is given underneath ) . Here is just a drop from the vast ocean of his books for you to appreciate the magnanimity of this man's knowledge and his craziness for inventing new recipes :

1. Dal Roti
2. Desi Aloo
3. Marwari Vegetarian Cooking
4. Paneer Recipes
5. Tawa Handi Recipes
6. Vegetarian Recipes From Around the World
7. Mirch Mazaa
8. Sweet Temptations
9. Noodles and Pasta
10. Vegetarian Cooking with Dahi
11. Monsoon Medley
12. Simple Home Baking
13. Street Food
14. Pressure Cooking
15. Soups , Salads and Sandwiches
16. Healthy Tasty Recipes
17. Chinese Cooking
18. Vegetarina Snacks and Starters
19. Vegetarian Rice , Biryani and Pulao
20. Go Green
21. Desi Sabziyan
22. Mushroom Mania
23. Kitchen Library Vegetarian Collection
24. Microwave Cooking Made Easy
25. Dakshin Delights
26. Any Time Temptations
27. Cakes and Bakes
28. TV Dinners
29. Cooking With Olive Oil
30. Dal and Kadhi
31. Chaat
32. Khazana of Healthy Tasty Recipes
33. Khazana of Indian Recipes
34. Party Cooking
35. Royal Hyderabadi Cooking
36. Best of Chinese Cooking
37. Simply Stylish Entertaining At Home
38. Flavours of the Orient
39. Wrap N Roll
40. Tandoori Cooking at Home

Now the great part of the news is that all these books are available at his Online bookstore and can be obtained in any part of the world from

Well for all Sanjeev Kapoor's fans this is a day of joy and celebration .