KOREAN EXPO 2016 IN MUMBAI FROM 19th to 20th December 2016


Online PR News – 15-December-2016 – Maharashtra – Mumbai, December 2016: Korea Trade Investment PromotionrnAgency (KOTRA), in association with FICCI, is organizing the KOREAN EXPO 2016 from 19th to 20th December 2016 at the Bombay ExhibitionrnCentre, Hall 5, off Western Express Highway, Goregaon East, Mumbai; from 10 am to 5 pm. KOREAN EXPO 2016 will be inaugurated by MaharashtrarnIndustries minister, Mr. Subhash Desai and KOTRA Vice-president Mr. KimrnDoo-Young in the presence of several prominent bureaucrats andrncorporate personalities from India and Korea. ,KOREAN EXPO 2016 is a consumer and trade focused exhibition featuring 1,000 plus premium products from 100 plus exhibitors showcasing household goods, beauty and fashion products; electronic items; wellness and medical products; industry material and machine equipment amongst others. More than 10,000 visitors from India including hundreds of overseas buyers from Middle East, Russia,rnEgypt, Kazakasthan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and South-west Asia arernexpected to attend the show. There are special offers and gifts for luckyrnvisitors.rnrnrnKOREAN EXPO 2016 will alsornshowcase Premium Pavilion (showcasing Korea's most representative consumerrngoods) aimed at promoting the excellence of Made in Korea products andrnintroducing the brand of Premium Korea to overseas buyers. KOREAN EXPO 2016 will display glimpses of Korean arts & culture. The Art Collaboration inrnPremium Pavilion is the place where companies display products that are bornrnthrough the collaboration activities of art and tradition. Art Collabo meansrnall the collaboration activities of a business, including using art images,rndeveloping and producing products, wrapping, distributing, marketing and evenrnselling. As applied to various sections such as fashion, electronics, medicalrnresearch and IT, Art Collabo is emerging as a new marketing strategy. Forumrncomprises special seminars/ events such as "Bilateral BusinessrnOpportunities Between Korea & India".rnOther events include Chroma-Keyrn(photo-shoot using computerized background composition), Virtual Realityrn(experience Korea's virtual reality technology) Games (Korea video games onrntablet PCs), Hanbok Photo Booth (get photographed in Korea's traditionalrndress), Too-Ho Throwing (ancient game played in Korea's courts) and Bu-narnSpinning (irreplaceable game during Korean festivals).rnBeauty & Fashion products include: SHIELDGREEN -rnanti-radiation blanket for kids made of clothing that blocks electromagneticrnwaves, for pregnant woman and babies; DASAN LIVING CHEMICAL -DETOX SOAP - Use Natural ingredients like ginseng, charcoal, coconut, pine, apricot effective for acne, skin troubles; HUWAY - SKIN CARE PRODUCTS -Made of lotus stem cell and natural ingredients found in Je-ju Island; SME MEDICAL - FOOT MASSAGER - Unlike ordinary foot massager, it massages focusing on Pressure Point on the foot; ALOE VERA KOREA - MOSQUITO BITE RELIEF GEL - Use natural ingredient Aloe Vera giving quick relief to pain & itches by mosquito bite; KOINDO TRADING -FACE BRUSH CLEANSER - has super fine fibres (0.001mm, over 300,000 fibres) that cleanse the deepest part of pores and prevent the pores get enlarged and skin trouble; WILDCAT - SHOES FOR KIDS - Developed for toddlers to feel the sole of the shoes based on biomechanical knowledge of braindevelopment.rnHousehold goods include: HENTI - Baby Stroller;rnB2Biz - Household vacuum packaging machine; PURENINE - Alkaline Water Bottle; HAPPY NEW PLANET - Helmet LED Lights; LKIMEX - Silicon Toothbrush with replaceable head; DONG-A ST - Anti hangover drinks/ energy drinks.rnWellness & Medical products: MEDICORE - PORTABLE HEARTrnRATE CHECKER - Predictor of Cardiovascular disease/ Stress and bloodrncirculation tester; INBODY - BODY COMPOSITION ANALYZER - This machine is used for diet and health check up in fitness gyms and hospitals; No. 1 market share in USA, Japan, China and Korea; OSSTEM IMPLANT - DENTAL IMPLANT - Best Quality of Implant and related product and the only company that educates the dentist on how to install the product for free; BEDEL KOREA -HEALTH SUPPLEMENT (VITAMIN) - Using red pine oil as a ingredient. Good for diabetes; DREAM AIR - NASAL INSERTION MASK -As an insert-type nose filter to block hazardous substances, such as microscopic dust particles, airborne dust and pollen, etc., from entering into the human body; 3H - MASSAGE BED, COUCH, SOFA -Inbuilt massage that can be controlled via remote; SANO CORPORATION - FOOD DEHYDRATOR - Increases the lifeline of the food and keeps it longer; HYDROGEN GENERATOR -Application of hydrogen generated water helps in removal of blackheads &rnmanages skin trouble. rnElectronic items include: POSBANK - POS TERMINALSrn(TOUCH MONITOR)& POS RECEIPT PRINTER - POS Manufacturing, SoftwarernDevelopment, Service for Retailer, Restaurants; BIXOLON - POS RECEIPT, LABEL AND MOBILE PRINTER - World No. 1 mobile receipt print, World No. 2 all POS receipt print; IS DONGSEO - ELECTRIC BIDET - Electronic Toilet Seats/ uses water jet to clean; WONBONG - WATER PURIFIER ②rnWATER DISPENSER - Eco system that can be reduce unnecessary electric power consumption of the heater at night time; ICEPIPE - LED LIGHT - An 800W LED lamp is developed with an unprecedentedly low weight (15g/Watt); JINSUNG HITECH - AUTOMATIC ROTI MAKER - New concept of automatic bread making and also can make roti; UNICOR HIGHTECH - DIGITAL DOOR LOCK - Touch keypad, auto locking, manual locking, double locking, Emergency External power Supply; CIDT - MOBILE PAYMENT SOLUTION - Mobile software for credit card recognition; Provided to SAMSUNG PAY and KAKAO PAY.