Recently Created Infographic On ICO Activities From 2014 - 2016 Released By DinarDirham

This recently released infographic gives an informative look into ICO activity over the past 2 years, from the first in 2014 up through 2016.

Online PR News – 14-December-2016 – Los Angles – This informative infographic reveals the world of ICO’s - what they are, how they work, innovative projects that were successful because of their ICO launch. It also discusses the names of important people and companies that have played important roles and that have been some of the biggest investors over the past two years, since ICO’s first came on the scene. It will also show noteworthy upcoming ICO’s for 2017.

ICO’s are very similar to IPO’s, and stands for Initial Coin Offering. The method is quite new however and many will be unaware of the term. It is a crowdsourcing strategy for fintech and technology related companies. It gives a percentage of the initial coin supply out to those that helped financially support the project (some may also promise a portion of the company). This also helps solve the previous problems facing new digital currencies (or cryptocurrencies) - distribution. A successful ICO will succeed in funding it’s project, initially distributing it’s new token to a large audience, and hopefully make it’s backers a nice profit.

Ethereum was the first to employ an ICO, around 2 years ago. The launch successfully raised them over $18 Million dollars! Since then until the present, many successful ICO’s have helped innovative fintech and technology companies rise above the clatter of competition and constant startups. These companies are helping to shape the future, and offering a new type of investment opportunity to the public.

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