Second Avenue Subway problems critical factor in NYC Council District 5 Elections

Stephen F. Kaufman, NYC Council District 5 candidate is vehemently opposed to further taxpayer waste and is in complete opposition to the Second Avenue Subway fiasco.

Online PR News – 06-October-2009 – – At a meeting with members of the newly formed Democrats for Kaufman Group, Steve Kaufman, candidate for NYC Council District 5, Upper Eastside reiterated his position as reported to the NY Daily News that was cursorily ignored, for the building of a light rail system that can be built for practically one tenth the costs and one that can be installed within a much smaller time frame. He is vehemently opposed to further taxpayer waste and the entire Second Avenue Subway project. Mr. Kaufman’s position has begun raising eyebrows and he is starting to be taken very seriously by incumbents and new candidates of all parties.

In Mr. Kaufman’s words, “All that seems to be coming from the progenitors of the wasteful hole in the ground is that it is a fait accompli and nothing can really be done about it. That it will not be finished in the proposed time and at the proposed cost is further exacerbated by the apathy of the community except to say that they are disturbed and disenchanted with the entire situation. There is a lot of anger and vehemence concerning this issue and though it may be only a local matter, it does involve the entire city and the manner in which government is conducted.”

Mr. Kaufman indicated his concern with the displacement of long-time residents, the demolition of buildings, and the ruination of long established businesses. “These issues alone are further evidence of the unconscionable incompetence and a profoundly arcane management system. A time for government reform and real-value change is now. The way it stands now,” he added, “is that the delays pointing to completion by 2016-2017 will have to be extended to somewhere around 2022 and at that time the entire system will be outmoded and the cost for a ride will probably rise to $3.50 with a discontinuance of the transfer system and senior discounts.”

The inadequacy of the Second Avenue Subway to nowhere can be readily replaced by a light rail system As well, it can be extended to the length needed by the populace in all areas of the city. Will the city also offer Public Assistance to seniors and those incapable of dealing with this issue for themselves? Or is this just another form of the Robert Moses smash and burn philosophy?

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