Gero LLC Attends the Bio International Convention 2016

Gero LLC, a leading drug development company, arranged a session at the Bio International Convention 2016 held at San Francisco from 6th-9th June.

Online PR News – 14-December-2016 – Moscow, Russia – Gero LLC, a leading drug development company, arranged a session at the Bio International Convention 2016 held at San Francisco from 6th-9th June. This event was first of its kind, since it focused on touching upon crucial topics such as combating the aging process, on a higher level.

This yearly event attracts over 15,000 biotechnology and pharma leaders from across the globe. Thus, being a part of such an event proved to be a golden opportunity for Gero LLC to discuss with major experts in this field the vital problems of fighting aging and age-related diseases that is the focus of Gero’s research work. Besides, they also got the opportunity to interact and build business contacts with other participating firms. The event was fruitful for every participant who earnestly looks forward to the prospects of discovering new opportunities and constructive partnerships.

Peter Fedichev, the CSO and co-founder of Gero LLC was the moderator of the event. He opened the session giving away the introduction to key challenges related to longevity drug market access strategies. Peter holds a PhD from the University of Amsterdam in theoretical condensed matter physics and has a working experience in FOM Institute Amolf and the University of Innsbruck before switching to biotech. Under his guidance, Gero LLC is researching on the development of drugs discovery of known targets into the new field of complex diseases.

As informed by Peter, Gero LLC feels extremely proud and privileged to get an opportunity to be a part of such a huge event. According to him, it was an extravagant event with lectures from many notable speakers like Camille Samuels (Venrock), Joseph Antoun (Global Healthspan Policy Institute) Nathaniel Eames David (Unity Biotechnology), Lloyd Klickstein (Novartis).

The main agenda of this convention was to discover drugs that could slow down aging and could trigger substantial changes in the healthcare market. In addition, the event also covered a wide spectrum and application areas of life science including drug discovery, bio manufacturing, genomics, biofuels, nano-technology and cell therapy. Gero LLC invited top market players doing commendable work in biotech, who had an active discussion on various significant topics. An important point of discussion was giving consideration to the question of who was expected to cover the expenses on research, clinical trials and therapies. An interesting outcome of the session was voting among the audience expressing its opinion on the subject of who should incur those costs. The majority (52%) voted for insurance companies to be the bearer of the charges, whereas 32% said that government should sponsor it.

Gero LLC, which focuses on developing an aging model that can help identify the therapies and target for the interventions against aging found the session to be very informative and useful. Apart from researching on drugs against aging, Gero LLC offers collaboration on research (aging), drug discovery, therapies against aging and bio marking of aging development.

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About the Company: Gero LLC is a drug discovery company based in Moscow, Russia. They are working on creating first in class small molecule therapeutics using proprietary, industry leading molecular modeling methods and systems biology technologies. Their research is focused mainly on the identification of new drugs which could slow the process of aging.