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As a green business innovator, Exchange For Green is offering free opportunities to help all passionate entrepreneurs who are in green businesses to expand their networks, promote their hard work, and drive more traffic to your site from more visitors who want to make the positive changes for our planet.

Online PR News – 06-October-2009 – – About Exchange For Green

Based in Denver, Colorado, Exchange For Green ( is owned and operated by the Nan Gabriel Studio, LLC (, a web development and consulting firm.

Launched in 2009, Exchange For Green provides you with a comprehensive solution of green living and promotes it by providing people a platform to easily exchange and give away items they are finished with for the ones they want, all for free. You will also find other resources, such as grocery coupons and savings and green tips.

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Signature can be added when you post threads and/or answer questions in the forums section. In the signature panel, you can add your name, business logo, position, business link, short business description and any other appropriate information about your business.

To create a signature, simply follow the steps below –
1. Create an account -
2. Confirm and log in Member Area.
3. On the left side, you will find Account Management -> Edit Signature.
4. Use HTML editor to create your signature which goes on to your posts.


In Share Green section, share and give credit to the sites you referenced in your research and answer. If the answer is related to your business, please feel free to add your business link as a source link. By doing this can help you create more inbound links for your business and promote your links and knowledge to more readers who are interested in what you are doing.

Eco Directory

Eco Directory is a free link submission system on Exchange For Green. We constantly look for new green-related business links and add them to the Eco Directory. We also invite you to submit URLs for your business, so we can share them with all of our friends and drive more traffic to your business. If your URLs have stored in our database, simply claim the links and add them to your account for future maintenance.

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This is a perfect section for your business to promote your products if you are offering free trials, samples or running a campaign with freebies. Business description and product details can be added when you create a listing for your product.

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As a green innovator and entrepreneur, Nan Gabriel founded Exchange For Green in 2009. The ultimate goal for Exchange For Green is to help families and individuals archive their "Green" goals by reducing living expenses and waste, sharing green experience and keeping things out of landfills.