New Penny Auction Site Releases Guidelines For Participating In Penny Auctions
11/22/2010, slated to go live on December 1, is actively engaging their prospective clients, and is producing information to help them understand the process.

Online PR News – 22-November-2010 – – Taking part in a penny auction may be relatively simple for some, but intimidating for others. To cultivate confidence, is producing information to help guide penny auction participants through the process. Getting started is simple enough; to do so, register by opening an account which takes only a few minutes to accomplish.

The details requested will be basic things such as username and email address. Once registered, clients are eligible to win one of many prelaunch prizes. Once the site launches on November 15, clients will be able to start participating in a new way of online shopping, which can be a great deal of fun. The bidding promises to be an exciting process, with clients battling each other to see who can dominate the bid and triumph at the auction.

The process always starts with clients identifying products they want. Once chosen, product maximum bid prices will need to be determined by the client, and then the action begins. The penny auction process will run its course, and clients will use bidding credits in an attempt to take home the prize. wants clients to understand that whenever a new bid is placed, the timer will have additional time placed on it, extending the bidding process. All of the bids will ultimately come to an end, and the winner is the highest bidder when the timer reaches zero.

The winner is responsible for paying the final bid price and possibly any additional shipping or delivery fees or charges. In many instances, the winner will walk away with a coveted item for pennies on the dollar, which is a very appealing prospect given the difficult economic conditions that everyone has to deal with at the moment.

The days of placing bids and waiting for the auction to end are numbered. Bidders want more control, better value and the rush that comes with a fast paced action filled bidding process. When the prospective of buying highly valued products such as an Apple iPad for huge discounts is taken into consideration, it is no wonder that penny auctions are becoming the shopping place of choice for many value seekers.

"We seek to provide value in the form of entertainment and the chance to win high ticket items for a fraction of their retail cost," notes Peter Lessard of "We are lining up products that are in high demand this holiday season in an effort to give our clients exactly what they are looking for."

About: promises to be one of the largest penny auction sites in North America. The site is poised to launch on December 1, 2010, and when it opens its doors, it will auction off loads of coveted products including, but not limited to electronic equipment, televisions, computers as well as household items and gift cards.

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