This Travel Startup Launches a Revoluition in Travel Industry

Tourank APP is launching a revolution to make your travel easy and efficient with new tour-map and smart travel guide.

Online PR News – 12-December-2016 – Beijing – Tourank Technology, the internet company provides smart and efficient travel service, has launched its first app recently, available for iOS, aiming to launch a revolution in travel industry. The first travel app with new tour-app allows users to make their travels more easy, efficient and fun, is available for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad devices running iOS 8 and later version for free.rnWhere does Tourank come from.rnAs travel lovers who hate making too many travel tips and travels restrained by plans, founders of Tourank decided to create an app for people who have the same feeling. Tourank app is a smart mobile travel guide with new tour-map and ultimate information, especially aiming to help users who visit a place the first time, and the ones loving independent travel. Instead of mainstream travel apps that provide users a huge mount of information, Tourank APP only offers travelers necessary information meeting their demands and situations based on its smart algorithm. Tourank hopes users enjoy a easy and cozy tour with its theory “substraction on information” that saves travelers from the dilemma of information explosion. rnHow will Tourank help yournUsually, you need to do before-travelling stuff like making travel plan, searching travel tips or even bring a guidebook, especially when you visit a place for the first time. With Tourank app, however, you don’t have to do this any more. The new tour-map has combined with travel guides of each attraction, you will get information you need by this app. The most easy travel is traveling as you like. rnEvery moment in your travel is precious, why do you waste them on meaningless things like searching information, finding attractions or changing travel plans. Tourank allows you search and find what you want more efficiently than ever with its smart algorithm. Also, you can change your travel plan anytime anywhere with Tourank, whose tour-map and ultimate data all ensure you a cozy tour. rnWhat does Tourank figure rn1.New tour-map: each attraction is marked with an icon on the map, by clicking which you will get the authentic, latest and practical info, being reached by one-click navigation; find popular and interesting attractions and events around you with one-click.rn2.Theme travels and tour routes: Get special theme travels and classic tour routes suggested by senior travelers, including various itineraries from popular attractions to unfrequented ones. If you travel to a country for the first time, you can refer to them according to your interests and time. rn3.Ask-the-way function: Never get lost with the ask-the-way button when you are confused about the destination locations only in local languages. Just ask the way to locals around you by showing them the address on screen. Wherever you go, you will have endless people help you. rn4.Innovative info display: in the attraction page, you will get necessary info you need like pricing, traffic routes, opening time, must-see, etc. rnSo, what will you get on Tourank? rnIn brief: rn-Bring your smart mobile travel guide with needed, authentic and latest information. rn-Have diversified theme travels and classic tour routes on Tourank.rn-Find attractions,events or service in your area on inbuilt tour-map with one-clickrn-Never get lost with one-click navigation and ask-the-way functions rnAnyway, travel preparation is a mess, simplify it with Tourank. It’s like having a private tour guide in your iPhone. Let’s pick up your iPhone, and start your perfect travel with Tourank! rnAbout Tourank TechnologyrnTourank Technology(Beijing) Co.,Ltd is an internet company providing personalized itinerary service.rnFacing world-wide outbound market, Tourank provides travelers with authoritative and practical tourism information, and helps outbound travelers to visually, effectively plan and implement their itineraries on the basis of big data information and behavior analysis.rnWith the vision of improving the traveling experience of users with mobile internet technology, Tourank, in this era of global village but still traditional travel means, focuses on analyzing external pain points and digging internal points through the next-generation map and location technology and user-centered design, and creates values for users by the means of mobile and internet application, big data information and professional ranking mechanism.