Essay Writing Wizard delivers anywhere, anytime essay writing to the iPhone and iPod touch.

Niles Technology Group understands that one of the hardest things to do, as a student, is to write well. We designed the Essay Writing Wizard to save time and eliminate writing frustration, while providing the convenience of true mobile computing.

Online PR News – 06-October-2009 – – Charlottesville, VA - Introducing the essay writing Wizard ( by the Niles Technology Group, the essay writing app for college and high school students. It is the solution to writing excellent essays and papers on your iPhone and iPod touch.

Edu in Review, a website that provides students top-of-the-line educational resources on schools, loans, scholarships, and learning solutions says, “Essay Writing Wizard is a great application for anyone who needs to write an essay. It is portable and allows students to jot down notes, ideas, and sources whenever it is most convenient for them.”

Edu in Review further states, “It is a must-have for anyone who is in love with their iPod or iPhone and wants to take their learning options on these tools to the next level.”

Everything you need is in the app: a how to write effectively tutorial, an explanation of the different writing styles and genres, step-by-step writing instructions, plus revision and proper footnoting guidelines.

With its fluid navigation and design, it is a breeze for you to take notes, create an outline, write the actual essay, and prepare your bibliography. A fail-safe delete feature means accidental deletions are minimized; your work is safe and secure within the app. Other features include one button compilation of your essay and bibliography, back up capability, and emailing of your work. The only limit to your creativity and work is the amount of memory in your iPhone or iPod touch. No wifi connection is required so working on an airplane, in a car, or in the park can be done without connectivity issues.

Some examples of essay types available are: Approach Paper, Argumentative (Persuasive) Essay, Book Critique/Review, Business Cover Letter, Cause and Effect, College Admissions, College Scholarship, Compare and Contrast, Critical Essay, Descriptive Essay, Evaluation Essays, Expository (Informative) Essay, Narratives (First and Third Person), SAT Essay, Sequence Essay, and Technical Essays. With over 40 essay types in the App Store, there really is no essay it cannot help you write.

When you use Essay Writing Wizard (, writer's block is a thing of the past, less time is spent writing, the quality of your work is higher, and, of course, you have more time to have fun.

For English as a Second Language students, there is ESL Essay Writing. It is the ESL version of the Essay Writing Wizard apps.

Essay Writing Wizard makes writing essays a faster, easier process. It also adds the convenience of writing anywhere and anytime since the work is done directly on your iPhone or iPod touch. As stated previously, “[it] is a must-have for students.”

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