SafeCard Now Offering New Range of ID Card Software Systems from Asure ID and Jolly's ID Flow
11/30/2010 have expanded their website to include various brands of this new software.

Online PR News – 30-November-2010 – – SafecardID is an expanding company that specializes in ID card software and printers and their range is increasing rapidly to match the advances in technology and increased demand of businesses for heightened security. is now offering ID card software to companies interested in creating their own unique logos. This software allows barcodes and magnetic strips to be printed on ID cards. It also prints high quality photographs and the more sophisticated the software, the better the picture will be. The two main components of the software are the design and database components. The design part is almost self-explanatory as it is used to create the ID card design. The database part contains all the information an employee’s needs and can be retrieved at any time. have the Asure ID Solo 2009 Card Software package on sale. It is a good starting point for companies who are on a tight budget but still in need of a system that can protect them. It has a simple design capability as well as the ability to produce up to 200 ID badges. Both single and dual sided cards can be printed and color is optional. This ID card software is suitable for smaller companies looking to tighten up security without breaking the bank.

Larger companies should be willing to pay a little extra to ensure all confidential information remains safe. Jolly’s ID Flow Enterprise Edition ID card software available from and provides a high level of security as barcodes and magnetic stripes can be added onto each card designed. Companies that have compatible cameras will be able to use this software to take photos and the card design can be linked to databases like SQL and Excel. Once these cards are printed out on a Fargo Printer, they will provide companies with a multitude of ID cards.

These are just two of the many different types of advanced software available from Different companies will have their own unique requirements based on their size and level of security desired. SafeCard ID’s online store has printers and software that can cater specifically to large or small companies. Their shop is updated at regular intervals as newer security items become available.

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