For Immediate Release

The Carolina Compass Foundation Helps to Rebuild our Fallen Communities.

Online PR News – 10-December-2016 – Myrtle Beach, South Carolina – The Carolina Compass Foundation is a start-up non-profit, formed by South Carolina's own, Henry Brandon-Hatcher, whose mission s to rebuild several communities in South Carolina, and eventually the Country by bringing jobs and business back to the fallen towns.

Mr. Brandon-Hatcher has been a long-time resident of Socastee, South Carolina and has witnessed the town's demise through the influx of drugs and gang violence. "I live in a small unincorporated portion of Myrtle Beach called Socastee. It's tiny, but I have seen Socastee go downhill with drugs, dilapidated buildings etc. have witnessed crime skyrocket. There have been several businesses that have opened and closed which are just sitting there on the main thoroughfare being marked with graffiti and have become a safe haven for drug deals and crime. My goal, is to buy these properties and create places that will welcome families, invite a strong healthy police presence, bring down the crime rate, have the nonprofit help veterans with basic needs, such as housing, clothing, and food."

In order to accomplish this goal, Mr. Brandon-Hatcher has devised a crowd funding campaign at To learn more about the organization or how you can help, you can contact the Carolina Compass Foundation at: