Top Driver Partners With Just Hang It Up as Exclusive Driving School Sponsor

An Alliance Forms to Combat Distracted Driving in the Chicagoland Area

Online PR News – 10-December-2016 – Chicago, IL – 82% of drivers aged 16-24 said in a survey that they have texted while driving. A new study assesses that hand-held device users are four times more likely to get into car crashes serious enough to cause injuries. However, even with the knowledge of danger and likelihood, 77% of young adult drivers are somewhat to very confident they can safely text while driving.

Since its inception in 2003, Top Driver has educated over 230,000 students to become safe, intelligent drivers. As distracted driving continues to pose major safety risks to the public, Top Driver has entered into an exclusive partnership with nonprofit Just Hang It Up. Founded by Dr. David Brottman and Brian Wright, the student-led organization aims to spread awareness in order to stop distracted driving. Using portable distracted-driving simulators, Just Hang It Up presents to over fifty events per year in the Chicago area to educate and open discussion.

Dr. Brottman, a Northwest Community Healthcare pediatrician, stated, “I was frustrated with the amount of injuries and deaths caused by distracted driving – among my patients and so many others.” Co-founder, Brian Wright, harkens back to personal experience as his motivation for establishing Just Hang It Up. “After being in two serious car accidents, both caused by distracted drivers, I knew I had to join forces with Dr. Brottman to put an end to cell phone use while driving,” he said.

Although many young adult drivers admit they feel capable of using phones while driving, there is growing acknowledgement of the issues involved. 85% of young adults who text while driving agree that this practice is a problem. The partnership between Top Driver and Just Hang It Up will further education through driver lessons and distracted-driving simulations to become a solution to the problem. Paul Zalatoris, CEO at Top Driver, said, “We look forward to collaborating with Just Hang It Up to proactively address this issue, and stop drivers from reaching for their phones.” Consistently communicating the threat of distracted driving, as well as practicing safe habits, will begin to shift the cultural behaviors associated with dangerous conditions on the road.

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After being in two serious car accidents both caused by distracted drivers I knew I had to join forces with Dr. Brottman to put an end to cell phone use while driving

About Just Hang It Up
Just Hang It Up is a nonprofit organization dedicated to end distracted driving. Founded by two community service-minded entrepreneurs, Dr. David Brottman and David Wright, Just Hang It Up presents at events throughout the Chicago area using distracted-driving simulators to educate on the dangers of detracted focus while driving. Just Hang It Up promotes awareness of the risks in order to decrease distracted driving. For more information about Just Hang It Up, please visit:

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