HP Group SEO Agency Move Offices

Essex based SEO agency HP Group achieve move offices in an afternoon to minimise downtime for clients.

Online PR News – 16-November-2010 – – The internet marketing world never stays still for very long and this has been physically reflected by industry leading agency HP Group over the last week as the company moved offices in what can only be described in a military-like operation from the HP Group SEO specialists.

Although moving everything out of one office and into another is a large task, trying to minimise the company’s downtime for their clients meant that the team attempted the move in less than a day. The search engine optimisation, web development, pay per click and conversion rate optimisation experts hit the off switches on their computers at 12pm on Friday afternoon and by six o’clock that evening, computers were being turned back on and celebratory drinks were being drunk.

Clearing absolutely everything from the company’s old location in Colchester’s Octagon to their new home at Severalls Business Park in the space of a day which many people would decide was impossible, but as is the way with HP Group, solid teamwork prevailed and the company was back to work in new surroundings by Monday morning.

It’s the attitude that nothing is impossible that sets HP Group apart from the pack in the SEO industry. Whether it’s attaining first page results and a positive return on investment for a client in a competitive field or moving an office of over forty people across Colchester in the space of an afternoon without breaking anything important, it seems that nothing is unachievable.

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