UK Property Finance Highlights Growing Value of Intelligent Finance in Restrictive Borrower's Market

Leading UK Broker Welcomes Growing Clientele Spanning Business and Domestic Circles Alike

Online PR News – 09-December-2016 – Leciestershire – Britain’s leading name in high-quality, low-cost bridging loans has spoken of the importance of intelligent financial solutions, in a borrower’s market that’s becoming increasingly restrictive. According to the team at, borrowers at all levels and for all purposes are finding it more and more difficult to gain access to the immediate, flexible and affordable capital they need.

Just as domestic movers are missing out on golden home-buying opportunities, the goalposts are moving all the time for buy-to-let investors looking to expand their portfolios. As a result, bridging loans are accelerating in popularity all the time, as borrowers explore alternative options to conventional borrowing from major lenders.

Finance for All Purposes
“A specialist bridging loan company such as, have, due to the volume we process, special relationships with all of the key lenders and know the requirements needed to ensure a quick and smooth transaction. We also use our own funds for certain lending, which helps us to move even quicker if required. Processing time is however normally 3 – 5 working days. Due to our FCA regulated principle, we can transact all types of bridging loans on all types or property. This ensures that with just one call we can give the answers you require. We are not even limited by bridging loan size and currently have no minimum or maximums.” –

Contrary to popular belief, bridging loans can be used for almost any purpose imaginable. Though primarily used for commercial property buying or development purposes, they can in fact be of unique value and convenience in many other areas. Common examples of where bridging loans are routinely brought into use include to cover unexpected business costs, meeting tax obligations to avoid penalties, carrying out urgent repairs and upgrades, shortfalls during new business start-up processes and of course, to cover temporary gaps prior to selling a property if a desirable new property becomes available.

Created specifically to be as accessible, flexible and affordable as possible, bridging loans are in many ways the exact opposite of conventional loans. The capital can be accessed almost instantly, interest rates are extremely low and the whole agreement is completed, repaid and finished off in a matter of one month.

All Available Options
“We pride ourselves on the speed of our transactions. We will normally call you within hours of an emailed application for a bridging loan and supply a written agreement shortly afterwards. If you call our office, this process will be even quicker. If you decide to progress with the application we can instruct the valuation and legal team immediately while the paperwork is being processed, thus saving valuable time. We would either post, email or visit you to obtain the required signatures and documentation, which is again done shortly after the initial contact and agreement to proceed. We don’t charge upfront fees, so it is in our interest to complete on every case as soon as possible.” –

Working under the wider UK Property Finance Ltd umbrella, is able to offer direct access to the most outstanding bridging loans and alternative financial products on the market. Whatever the case is needed for and however quickly it is needed, the group specialises in intelligent solutions for commercial and domestic customers alike. Best of all, there’s even a free bridging loans calculator available via the website, to get an instant idea of the kinds of capital available and the terms you can expect.

Even if you qualify for financial support from a major lender, you may still find it highly advantageous to consider all alternative options available. Particularly when you’re looking for a sum of cash you’d prefer to pay back as quickly as possible, a high-quality bridging loan represents an affordable and convenient solution.

About is a leading UK finance broker & principle bridging loan funder with a unique commitment to transparency and customer service excellence. Bridging loans are offered on the back of comprehensive and digestible information to ensure rational and beneficial decision making across both domestic and professional circles alike.