Zaneta Owens Launches New Select Business Model Versus Fast Fashion

Zaneta Owens is implementing a revolutionary new approach to shopping, choosing and purchasing luxury handbags. Crowdsourcing, Crowdsourcing, Crowdsourcing!

Online PR News – 09-December-2016 – San Diego, California – Luxury handbag crowdsourcing creates little to no waste, which directly impacts our cost and in turn, your wallet. A campaign is created for each design and you back it. This balances supply and demand, one bag at a time. Consumers will now have a voice in the production of material goods. Goodbye to inventory piling up in warehouses, goodbye to money wasted on pushing tired designs, and goodbye to any of the many tribulations of the traditional brick and mortar model.

Established in San Diego, CA in 2013, Zaneta put together her dream team, which has more than 30 years of experience within the fashion, beauty and technology industries. Their handbags have been donning the arms of many in the United States, Germany, Australia and Mexico. All Zaneta Owens luxury handbags are proudly manufactured her home state of California. In order to bring these designs and concepts to life, Zaneta Owens is launching a Kickstarter Campaign, holding firmly to her crowdsourcing ideology.