Century City View Features Krysle Lip's Witches as Sign of the Times

Krysle Lip's Witches is "sign of the times" according to Michael Douglas Carlin article in the current edition of the Century City View newspaper.

Online PR News – 09-December-2016 – December 10, 2016 Century City/CA – Krysle Lip's current release "Witches" was reviewed by Michael Douglas Carlin of the Century City View.

He writes, "Witches is also a tribute to 'witches and sorcerers.' Religion venerates light, science defines light, but the mystics harness light and project it deep into the past and into the future – our future. Krysle boils down the inadequacy projected by society onto each of us and asks us to embrace what we feel are our sins, that part of us that doesn’t measure up, and allow someone we have been taught to distrust to lead us home. Witches captures everything each of us felt on, dare I say, the white-knuckler we just experienced (and race, that is embedded in our language, rears its ugly head). Witches is a metaphor for minorities in the 'melting pot,' and we are encouraged to celebrate what makes us all different."

Nina Simone said " You can't help it. An artist's duty, as far as I'm concerned, is to reflect the times." The song definitely reflects the sign of the times.

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