New free card-outlining software for screenwriters and storytellers

New free outlining software for storytellers (screenwriters, novelists etc.) released. It started as a hobby project, but was accepted in writing communities.

Online PR News – 09-December-2016 – Moscow – A new free innovative outlining software "ultra_outliner" for storytellers (screenwriters, novelists and any others) is released. It is based on paper-cards outlining. The strongest point is that despite to existing alternatives, it does not try to cover all the story development process, but focuses only on outlining stage and makes it perfect.

- ultra_outliner is simple, you can start using it just immediately after downloading. As soon, as it is not enough, detailed documentation reveals new extremely useful features.
- ultra_outliner supports three most valuable outlining aims: characters, plots and sequentially story presentation. You can use one or all.
- ultra_outliner is flexibly customizable. It supports internalization, colour schemes and card templates. Do not adopt yourself to software, adopt software for yourself.
- ultra_outliner uses modern technologies. It is fast, responsive, cross-platform and stable and quickly developing.
- ultra_outliner uses Final Draft .fdx format for data exchanging. Import and export your outline between any screenwriting software.

You can download it on official site, and in blog section you can also read tutorial

The software developer, Yuri Blokhin explains, that while studying screenplay writing craft with Hollywood handbooks and writing a few screenplays he faced necessity of outlining stage. He used himself many different methods (outlining lists, pictures, Visio drawings and others), different software (writing, outlining, screenwriting), but finally was disappointed and came to paper cards. By the way, it was what the screenwriting gurus (like Robert McKee and Syd Field) were advised in their books.

The lead developers professional experience covered game development, 3d-modelling and development of graphical applications so the base concept was to combine ideas of Hollywood screenwriters, paper outlining, and concept of 3d software. It was published and beta-tested in a few private writing communities with getting positive response.