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Author Brenda G. Martin releases book “The Alphabet Learned Quickly and Easily”

Online PR News – 08-December-2016 – Lubbock, TX – Author Brenda G. Martin releases book “The Alphabet Learned Quickly and Easily” that stirs up the imagination and brings color and variety to learning the alphabet fast.

In her book, Martin guides young readers to enhance their imagination and memory as well as guarantee retention and recall.

In an interview, Martin commented about her inspirations in writing the book. She said, “I taught students with various learning difficulties for over 32 years. While working with a confused kindergarten boy, I decided to incorporate each letter of the alphabet into a unique, colorful picture of an object that begins with that letter’s sound. I paired the picture with a funny or unusual short story. The boy had a breakthrough! He was finally able to remember the alphabet using visualization and association memory techniques that I had developed”.

Moreover, the author engineered the alphabet lessons into an engaging colorful book for learners. The goal of the creative short stories and unique colorful illustrations is to add fun to learning time. Increasing long term memory is done by using strong unusual illustrations.

The book used a multi-sensory approach to address the needs of every grade level and student of various ages. With the aim to help students to develop techniques in increasing long-term memory of alphabet letters.

Martin assures the book will also create amusement among all ages of dyslexics, learning disabled, ESL students, and even non-readers...and will persuade them to read. Bright solutions in the acquisition of knowledge of the alphabet are more easily accomplished.

With the aim to help these students, Martin spent large portions of her book providing learning accommodations that enhance the education of diverse learners.

As effectively as these methods work for persons with various learning difficulties, these methods also accelerate learning for average learners, gifted learners, and English as a Second Language learners.

Book Details:

Author: Brenda G. Martin
Book Title/s: The Alphabet Learned Quickly and Easily
To learn to read using visualization and association memory techniques to increase long-term recall.

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