Answer 3 Questions & Win A Trip To NYC

With the global recession just around the corner, people around the planet are having a hard time for partying. That is the reason why we have announced an easy contest where the winner can get a free trip NYC, according to the professionals of

Online PR News – 05-October-2009 – – Bronx, NY, October 2, 2009: This weekend is a celebration time for the people of Anguilla. has announced a great and easy to win contest in New York City for two lucky people. ., the Anguillan website is one of the best places where the island activities are displayed. This website promotes the beauty of Anguilla to the world as a most distinctive flavor of the Caribbean. Essentially, if it’s happening on the island of Anguilla, it can be found on

“The Anguillian culture is slowly becoming diluted through the pasty few years and the current trend is imitating international trends in music and fashion says“Josveek Huligar CEO and administrator of Party Access axa and its parent site Sonic Variable in NYC. “I run to axa every few months to escape this type of life, so I would like to bring a couple of people from my island over to New York. And in a way show them that Anguilla has a strong heart in their own culture and art. This will be an exciting weekend for two Anguillans, party access axa and Sonic Variable style."

The contest begins this October 10th and the three questions of the contest will be made public. This very simple contest decides the winner by seeing the one who is the first to answer 3 questions correctly. Tune to radio Upbeat 97.7 by DJ Mellow Sello and the 3 questions will be asked. The first to answer the 3 question correctly will win hotel and airfare to NYC for December 17 – 21 2009. They can take a guest with them too.

The rues of the contest are pretty simple, ”The contestant and guest must be registered on prior to the contest date. Contestants must be 18 years of age and have valid travel documents. This contest is exclusively for those that live on Anguilla”.


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