Little Worlds Studio Releases a New Facebook Game: Survivium

Lyon, France, – November 15, 2010 – Little Worlds Studio today announced the release of Survivium, their new Facebook game. Survivium is a fast-paced strategy game that pits player-created virtual viruses against each other.

Online PR News – 15-November-2010 – – In the game you become the mastermind behind the deadliest virus ever created. Develop it, program its viral genome sequence, unleash it from your pocket laboratory and challenge gamers to the most deadly battle for the world domination. The winning virus is the one that conquers the most territory on the playing field. Check their virulence against computer generated viruses and once you have created a virus of formidable power, dispatch it online to do battle against other players’ creations from around the world.

Game Features:
• 3 game modes : Training missions, Inter-virus duels, on-line duels
• 30 training missions, from beginners missions, to very challenging viruses
• 12 basic instructions to program the genome of the viruses including Eat, Jump, Clone, Dash, Acid, etc and an infinity of possibilities of genomes
• A very user-friendly user interface of genome sequencing
• A tutorial to guide you step-by-step in the creation of your first virus
• Thousands of possibilities to customize the shape of your viruses: eyes, bodies, and accessories
• On-line duels: challenge other players:
o Worldwide ranking
o Challenge any player, even if they are not online
o Challenge your friends directly
o View the statistics of each player: number of fights, victories, etc.
• Manage your online virus bank: create as many viruses as you want
• Plenty of rewards to unlock to customize your viruses
• Post your results on you Facebook wall, boast of your achievements, brag to your friends and challenge them to see if they can knock you out of the first place.

"We're very excited to release Survivium on the Facebook platform" said David Chomard, CEO of Little Worlds Studio. "Survivium is a terrific puzzle for gamers who enjoy strategy based entertainment. The puzzles will infuriate you and you’ll get a jolt of pride as you progress through the leaderboards decimating your opponents with your virus.”

Survivium is available now at:

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