ASA Insurance Relaunches Facebook Page

ASA Insurance is announcing the relaunch of the company Facebook page. The site is geared towards customers and potential customers who want to know more.

Online PR News – 02-December-2016 – Salt Lake City, Utah – ASA Insurance is announcing the relaunch of the company Facebook page. The site is geared towards customers and potential customers who want to know more about ASA Insurance, insurance products and other tips about home, auto and business.

The new Facebook page for ASA Insurance will help the company reach out to customers and provide a place for direct comments and replies. In addition, they can offer tips to help customers not only save money on insurance but on other purchases and expenses related to their products. For instance, a person might find tips on how to save on fuel when traveling or which SUVs provide the best gas mileage. Not all posts will be directly related to insurance, but they will provide helpful, informative content for people on their homes, cars and businesses.

"We want to show people we care about more than just selling another policy," says Creed Anderson of ASA Insurance, a provider of auto, business and home insurance in Salt Lake City. According to Anderson, this page will help people find the information they need and allow them to interact with the business with questions or concerns they may have.

Some of the first posts on this relaunched site include a short article about no-fault insurance and what it means for residents of Utah, as well as information about how many Honda vehicles in the 2016 Best Cars for the Money list from US News & World Report. In the future, followers of the page can read more about the best new models and technology on cars, smart homes, business insurance and many other topics. They can share these posts with friends or post questions if they would like more information.

ASA Insurance is an independent agent for residents of Salt Lake City and all of Utah, helping them choose the most affordable policies for their homes, their automobiles and their businesses. Because they aren't bound by any rate structure or policy, they can offer options from various companies to help customers save more money while still receiving the best coverage for their needs. The company has been in existence since 1950, and it has become one of the largest providers of insurance in the state.

In addition to their Facebook page and website, the company also features a blog where they provide information and advice about home ownership, business management and vehicles. Customers can follow the blog to receive timely tips and expert advice to help them make sound decisions.

Customers can also visit the ASA Insurance Facebook page and leave reviews to tell about their experiences with the company and products. This helps new visitors learn more about ASA Insurance, so they can make a sound decision about choosing them for their insurance company.

ASA Insurance encourages customers or potential customers to like the page and share posts with their friends. They also ask for comments, reviews and other responses so they can interact with their followers and provide information that is relevant, timely and interesting.