The Berlitz Group in Toronto Announces Latest Reasons Why Two Languages are Better than One

According to the Berlitz Group, speaking two languages is better than one for many reasons.

Online PR News – 01-December-2016 – Toronto, ON – According to the Berlitz Group, speaking two languages is better than one for many reasons. The language school advocates for everyone to learn at least the basics of a second language, including young children. Whether people need it in their jobs, plan to travel or even if they have no particular reason to study a second language, they can benefit from the endeavour.

Various studies have been conducted on people who study two languages. Among the results is the belief that those who have learned more than one language are better able to focus and pay more attention. They also often have better memories and can recall information, even that which is not related to language.

Another benefit to learning a second language is added confidence. People who plan to travel to another country will feel more relaxed and confident in navigating their way around if they can speak the native tongue. They will be able to read signs and converse with people, which will enhance their experience. For someone traveling to a country where their native language is only spoken in major cities, a second language allows them to move away from traditional tourist spots and get to know the local people.

The Berlitz Group teaches languages for businesses as a way to help them improve communication with vendors, customers and business partners. Individuals who can speak a second language will be in high demand in many companies because of the need to communicate with a global society. As one representative of The Berlitz Group says, "Job seekers can really impress employers with a second language listed on their resume." Many applicants won’t have this skill, which will set those who do apart from the crowd.

There is also indications that people who have mastered multiple languages may be better able to protect their memory from cognitive decline. They may be less likely to suffer from forgetfulness and confusion as they age. While this activity doesn't necessarily mean they won’t get dementia or other mental problems, it can sharpen the minds of many older people. Increasing their alertness will help them continue in their daily tasks, such as being able to drive.

Learning a new language at any age is possible, with babies and young children showing the best retention skills. However, even older adults can master the basics of a second language and reap the benefits. Anyone who would like to learn English in Toronto or French or any of several other languages can contact The Berlitz Group, which provides classes for those who are interested. Whether a person wants to learn a new language for work, for traveling or just to add it to their list of skills, the benefits of taking on this challenge go beyond the ability to speak more than one language. Developing this skill is well worth the effort it takes, and the results will impact a person's life in many ways.