Vince Stanzione’s "Seven Secret Keys"

Vince Stanzione’s big October 2004 seminar in London with Jim Rogers, an event billed as “Seven Secret Keys”.

Online PR News – 15-November-2010 – – Vince Stanzione’s big October 2004 seminar in London with Jim Rogers, an event billed as “Seven Secret Keys”.
"If I was in the stock markets in the 60s, I would've made a lot of money. If I was in the stock market in the 70s, I would've made a lot of money"
Vince was talking about the markets in 2004 and beyond and voicing his opinion that we have "never had it as good". He was confident he would have made money in the 60s and 70s because he has made a fortune in the last few years.
ÂŁ2m between 2002 and 2004 and over half a million so far this year...
The real selling point of the Seven Keys seminar was that Vince had decided to retire and was revealing his seven secret techniques for pulling cash out of the financial markets via spread betting, fixed odds financials, options and share trading.
So, what were the 7 keys? : 1. The Dow Long-Term technique; 2. The Fixed Odds Financial Betting Master Technique; 3. The Currencies Cash-Maker ; 4. Stock Indices, Sectors, Short-Term and Long-Term; 5. Commodities; 6. Spread-Betting Individual Shares and; 8. Seasonality, Market Sentiment and History
Vince wasn't retiring from the spread betting business, just from presenting seminars. It also turned out that he was starting a brand new business - a TV channel called "The Advert Channel".
Early in 2005 his company, TV Commerce, was floated on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) at 6p per share.
As of 8th October 2006 the share price is 3.75p which values the company at over ÂŁ2 million.
According to the website, TV Commerce posted interim results in September 2006 which revealed they had made a maiden pre-tax profit of ÂŁ63,416.
It's not really a surprise that Vince has founded a successful TV company which is already in profit. He was a millionaire at 26 from the car phone business after loosing everything when he was 18 in the 1987 stock market crash.
Since he sold off his phone business he has written a book - "How to Stop Existing and Start Living " and also a very successful trading home study course - Making Money from Financial Spread Trading.
And it isn't just spread betting seminars which he has presented at. He was a guest speaker at the Profitmaker 5 seminar - organised by Andrew Reynolds in the late 90s. He also appeared as one of the UK Masters in 3 seminars which were held by Pat Adams.
However, Vince's main profession has always been trading.
This October he is holding another seminar to reveal the 7 secrets again. Although he was meant to be retiring in 2004 he did hold a seminar in October 2005 but not on this scale.
The 2004 seminar was attended by hundreds of people with the vast majority of the show featuring Vince on stage. For an hour or so he was joined by Jim Rogers who gave a presentation and then answered pre-submitted questions from the crowd.
Jim was extremely interesting to listen to. This man has made millions from the markets and created the Rogers Raw Materials Index. His latest book explains how to profit from commodities:
Hot Commodities: How Anyone Can Invest Profitably in the World's Best Market
If you've read Vince's home study course then you will have learnt about his simple rules for entering and closing spread bets. He uses a simple moving average system.
The Seven Keys expand on these rules to include money management - a staking plan in other words. It's a more advanced method of trading but still simple.
Vince seems to be put down and praised in equal measure but no can say that he doesn't know his stuff about trading. A constant student of human psychology and the markets, he is very enthusiastic about his business, especially fixed odds trading i.e. BetOnMarkets.
Vince teaches medium to long term strategies which can be used on any market. He doesn't go in for day trading at all. This means that you really can follow his methods in just 20-30 minutes a day - you don't have to be stuck to the monitor all day.
I didn't attend the 7 Secrets seminar but saw the whole day on DVD. Vince Stanzione's package was the first business opportunity I bought after I saw the feature on him in the Observer.
Since that day I have seen his 2001 and 2002 seminar video sets and also his UK Masters presentations in La Manga and London.
The 2004 Seven Secrets seminar was the most advanced event I have seen Vince organising and I assume the 2006 event will be along the same lines. This time around he even offers 12 month's mentoring in the form of a monthly email newsletter containing a particular "trade of the month". Could be interesting.
Vince mentions a free "live trading virtual account for you to practice on...". You can sign up for an account like this at Capital Spreads.
Vince Stanzione is a self made multi-millionaire based in Europe. Started at a junior at the age of 16 for Nat West Foreign Exchange in London he worked his way up in before leaving to start up his company. He has been involved in various companies including mobile communications, premium rate telephony, Interactive gaming, publishing and television and financial trading. He now lives most of the year between Spain and Monaco and trades his own funds mainly in currencies and commodities. As well as trading he also teaches a small number of students and produced the best selling course on Financial Spread Betting. He is also the author of “How to Stop Existing & Start Living” to learm more go to