European Domain Centre Reacts To Fumble

Dallas Cowboys were inches from losing their primary domain name last week, when they forgot to renew the domain name in time at their domain registrar. Don´t be the next company to fumble your domains. In response to the urgent need by companies to get control of their domain names, European Domain Centre has just introduced a domain transfer promo until the end of 2010. Gather all your domains at one of the most trusted registrars since 2003 - once and for all.

Online PR News – 15-November-2010 – – European domain Centre reacts to the increasing demand from companies to get back control of their domain names. Until 31.12.2010 they offer a special campaign to transfer all your domains to one of the most trusted registrars - once and for all.

Director Christopher Hofman Laursen says: "Latety we´ve seen high profile companies inches from losing valuable domain names, as they simply forgot to renew them with their domain registrar. The latest example was recovered in the last quarter, but the website went blank for some days. It´s time to stop putting out fires and get back control of your organisation´s domain names. Millions of USD in brand value go up in smoke when a domain name is lost. Surely domain registrars should play an active role. If you registered a .com domain for ten years back in 2000, it´s possible that you forget to renew it ten years later. At European Domain Centre we actually call the companies, who ignore the renewal reminders. No one has ever lost a domain with us. Corporations need to have a domain name strategy. The first step is to work out which domains you own, and then make a domain transfer to one registrar, which can fulfill your future needs. "

European Domain Centre offers a unique domain search tool to check availability for all domains, which are currently +300 domain extensions.

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