The Berlitz Montreal Group Announces Best Language Learning Toys for 2016

Numerous bilingual toys and educational language learning toys are available for parents who want to help their children learn a second language

Online PR News – 30-November-2016 – Montreal, QC – Numerous bilingual toys and educational language learning toys are available for parents who want to help their children learn a second language while they are young. The Berlitz Group lists a few of these toys to help parents find something that is both educational and fun for their young ones.

Kids love music and activities with bright colors and lights. They will enjoy this and more with the Learn & Groove Musical Table from LeapFrog. It features over 40 learning songs and other activities to help babies and toddlers learn numbers, letters, colors and more in both English and Spanish. This is just one example of the types of toys available today to help children begin learning a new language early in their development. Research has shown that children learn a new language faster than adults. They also grow up to speak it more fluently, similar to a native speaker with accurate pronunciation.

Another toy that is popular with children is the Teddy Count With Me, which teaches babies numbers and letters in a soft, cuddly form. It teaches in both Spanish and English. To help a little one learn to speak French, the First Words Match It! Trilingual English Spanish French Teaching Puzzle helps children develop memory skills as well as introducing them to two other languages. Each card has a picture and the name of the item in all three languages. The goal is to match two cards that are alike, but it also introduces them to different ways of saying the item's name. Other resources for parents include puzzles which say the name of the item in another language and flash cards with pictures and the name of the item.

A representative at The Berlitz Group, a language learning program in Montreal, says, "It's exciting to see these kinds of toys on the market to help children learn a valuable skill in a fun way." He goes on to explain that learning a new language for children must be about having fun. It's also about constant repetition and practice. Using toys as part of a language learning program incorporates those new words in a child’s play, which will help it stick in their memory.

Early exposure to a new language can help children later in life. It not only helps them develop memory skills, but it will enhance their opportunities for a successful career when they become adults. Parents can also enroll their children in a language program that is geared towards kids. It will help them continue the basic knowledge they developed through the use of learning toys. When shopping for birthday and holiday gifts, parents may want to consider these and other toys to help their child learn a new language. Whether it is the language of their culture or just a secondary language the parent finds interesting, this is a skill that will be used throughout their lives. Using the right toys to enhance language learning makes it more fun.