A New Tool is Launched by PBXCompare.com

Virtual phone services or virtual phone systems can play a significant role in the way your business operates. Essentially, these systems allow people to make and manage calls through one phone line instead of having to make use of multiple phone lines plus additional hardware.

Online PR News – 17-November-2010 – – November 15, 2010 - PBXCompare.com is rapidly gaining the attention of business owners as one of the most beneficial ways to save money while expanding upon business potential. A virtual phone system has the ability to enhance the functionality of a business by opening up the door to communication between employees and the clientele base of the business. The virtual phone system is a fantastic way to manage incoming calls. You can set up a menu in a way that triggers the redirect of incoming calls. With such flexible services, PBX is becoming a staple in the communication realm of businesses everywhere.

The cost-effective features of the PBX virtual phone system are making it simple for consumers and businesses alike to benefit from a virtual phone number, the redirecting of calls from your office to home phones, mobile phones, or other office phones, online voicemail, online call logs, and dial-by-name directories. By providing small businesses with a direct link to the communication flow with their customers, they can now expand more readily. With nothing quite as efficient or affordable on the market, PBXCompare.com is swiftly becoming an acclaimed provider to turn to.

Giving businesses a flexible spectrum of plans to choose from is just one more stand-alone feature that has drawn attention to the exceptional services of this company. The basic virtual phone service plan comes with a 30 day free trial and costs only $9.99 per month. Such low rates for excellent services are hard to compete with. Included in that $9.99 fee, businesses will have the potential to use 5 extensions, 100 minutes of inbound minutes, a free local number with a plan, call forwarding, call holding, call transferring, call screening, voicemail, message alerts, web management, plus more. It is no wonder why even the most simple plan is giving people more bang for their buck than they have ever seen in the past. For additional features including increased extensions and more inbound minutes, you can upgrade your plan to a mid-level plan, or a corporate plan for just a minor additional out of pocket cost.

PBXCompare.com stands out on the market because of the well rounded, innovative ways in which they allow businesses to prosper for just a minimal monthly cost. Depending on the size of your business, they have given you a plethora of options to utilize as far as different features are concerned. People undeniably like the ability to customize their virtual phone system and PBXCompare.com has created the perfect balance between top of the line quality and affordability. With so much to offer to business owners, these new tools are making a PBX virtual phone service into a contemporary trend.

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