Students & Studying by the Hours
11/17/2010 created an infographic that illustrates the hours students spend studying.

Online PR News – 17-November-2010 – – created an info-graphic that illustrates the hours students spend doing extracurricular activities oppose to studying for their classes through statistics.

Since the late 2000s social media sites has flourished throughout the World Wide Web. 85 percent of college students use social media sites for their own leisure. Unsurprisingly, the students who have Facebook study less than half during a week period then those who do not have Facebook.

The average time a student spends doing other activities can be broken down into 10 additional hours were the student watches TV, listens to music, plays video games etc. However, these daily activities are proven to be habits which are attained at a young age. The common 6 years old studies about nine hours a week and the average college student who studies roughly 14 hours a week. With these results, students are reaching their highest potential.

In contrast to the minimal amount of time spent studying, students will spend more than $1,100 a year on study supplies. This includes books and utensils that are needed for classes. Collectively in the United States more than $9 billion was spent during a 5 year period to support students at four-year colleges and universities who left before their sophomore year.

There’s a prominent need for students and colleges to become more eco-friendly. Schools can save an abundant amount of money when they recycle their waste. A school study found that cardboard and paper are accounted for 23.5% of the total waste of materials generated by schools and students. Environmental improvements and technologies can help reduce the waste created.

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