Berlitz Group Montreal Announces Top Trips as Determined by National Geographic

National Geographic has recently listed its Best Trips for 2017. Known for its wide-ranging coverage of all things in nature,

Online PR News – 29-November-2016 – Montreal, QC – National Geographic has recently listed its Best Trips for 2017. Known for its wide-ranging coverage of all things in nature, many of these destinations offer beautiful scenery and a relaxing environment. However, a few may surprise readers with their vibrant culture, according to the Berlitz Group, offering language courses in Montreal and elsewhere in Canada.

Kauai in the United States topped the list. This island is known for its sea cliffs and magnificent waterfalls. It's the ideal place for an adventurer with the marked hiking paths guiding visitors to unique destinations. It is recommended to use a local guide to find unknown paths for even more interesting treks. Finland is another place on the list with numerous natural areas to entice visitors. In addition, 2017 marks the year when the Finnish will celebrate 100 years for their independence. Baja California in Mexico was selected for its adventures under the sea where whales and great white sharks make for an exciting adventure. Visitors can enjoy scuba diving trips and whale watching to enjoy the local habitat.

Banff, Canada made the list for its rugged but beautiful terrain. Visitors can enjoy everything from mountain hikes to horseback rides to experience the views up close. At the end of the day, luxury accommodations provide a place to rest for the weary. Other locations included in National Geographic’s list are Cloud Forests, Ecuador; Via Dinarica, Western Balkans; Tiger National Parks, and Central India. What makes this travel list different than most any others someone will find is the focus on being outdoors and experiencing nature. To enjoy the adventure to the fullest, it’s important to have at least a basic understanding of the local language. As a representative of the Berltiz Group from Montreal says, "Learning a new language before traveling expands your options once you arrive." They go on to say that you are not limited to where you can travel, enabling you to enjoy local destinations or places little known about outside the region.

The Berlitz Group recommends finding out which languages are most popular in your choice of destinations and learning one that will serve you in multiple areas. English, Spanish and French are spoken in many areas of the world even though Chinese is spoken by more people. It's advised to take several lessons until the person feels comfortable holding at least short conversations in the new language. Language learning companies like Berlitz offer multiple methods to fit the person's learning style and schedule. Private and group lessons are offered to allow them to work with a teacher. Online lessons provide more flexibility for someone short on time. Plan to spend at least a few weeks learning the language before leaving on a trip. Once the person arrives at their destination, they will have ample opportunity to develop their newfound skill. They will find a more enriching experience in their travels when they can speak directly to the local people in their own language.