New Z-Chill™ Fan & Diffuser Provides Revolutionary Way To Spot-Cool Unconditioned Spaces

Offered by leader in the HVLS fan industry Go Fan Yourself, the new Z-Chill™ Fan & Diffuser System gives companies an economical, tempered cooling solution.

Online PR News – 29-November-2016 – Schaumburg, IL – Go Fan Yourself, the visionary company behind the Z-Tech™ fan, is pleased to announce its newest innovation — the Z-Chill™ Fan & Diffuser.

Featuring new, patent-pending technology unlike anything in the marketplace today, the Z-Chill™ combines the power of an HVLS fan with air conditioning to create efficient, effective spot cooling. This means it can spot cool specific areas at a facility without incurring the added expenses of running multiple air conditioning units, helping businesses be more energy-efficient and cost-effective in the process.

Among the benefits of this new system that combines conditioned air with an HVLS fan are:

• Tempered air and reduced relative humidity in the covered areas
• Elimination of condensation caused by seasonal temperature changes
• Greater energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness
• Easy installation for both rooftop and OEM split air conditioning units

The Z-Chill™ comes as a result of Go Fan Yourself's desire to create a system that could spot cool unconditioned spaces via distributed tempered air. The company looked for a way to create economical, tempered cooling that would allow businesses to operate at their highest levels — and made it a reality with the Z-Chill™.

The Z-Chill™ uses dual diffusers specifically designed to distribute filtered, conditioned and/or forced heat into the designed air distribution of the Z-Tech™ fans. It works with the same tempered, forced air (HVAC systems) for both cooling and heating.

By creating a more comfortable work environment that efficiently and cost-effectively spot cools, the Z-Chill™ enables companies to improve air quality and better control temperatures. By better controlling work atmosphere, businesses may be able to increase productivity, increase morale and decrease absenteeism.

About Go Fan Yourself
Go Fan Yourself ( is an industrial fan manufacturer that specializes in HVLS fans that lower energy costs by reducing strain on HVAC systems. Its solutions are found in numerous applications across various industries, including manufacturing, warehouses, agricultural, commercial and more.