New Bodybuilding And Fitness Website Allows Top Trainers To Show Off Their Stuff

Bodybuilding Info Online is a Website Where People Can Sample the Knowledge, Training Styles and Nutritional Regimens of Some of the Net's Top Bodybuilding and Fitness Trainers.

Online PR News – 14-November-2010 – – A new website, Body Building Info Online will serve as a forum for the creators of various fitness, workout, weight loss and nutritional systems to showcase their skills and techniques. Timely product reviews are designed to help consumers better understand the requirements necessary to see the promised results -- providing them with some idea of how much dedication and effort will likely be necessary to succeed before becoming involved in any particular trainer's program.

There have been a whole host of self-professed fitness gurus, personal trainers and even a few scary-looking competitive bodybuilders vying for the attention of a fitness-fascinated public for some time now. They tout systems all over the Internet proposing to flatten your stomach, get your abs ripped, inspire you to shed your unsightly flab... and even bulk up to look just like the muscle-bound goon in the picture, but can you really trust any of these guys to show you how to do any of these things?

This is the question that curious folks can now seek answers to on a new bodybuilding and fitness blog that just came online in October of 2010 called Bodybuilding Info Online. The concept behind BBIO is to provide a reference source where the knowledge and training techniques of many diverse fitness experts can be gathered in one place for people to review and sample at their leisure.

Prospects are able to watch videos and read articles written by various authors to get a sense if that particular trainer seems to know what he's talking about, or if his program would be a good fit for that person's own unique fitness goals and physical capabilities. They will have the opportunity to preview training and exercise routines, healthy eating ideas and individual bodybuilding styles... which they can then experiment with at home, in the kitchen or the gym.

There is a emphasis on nutrition and healthy eating as well as actual exercise techniques. The site is not simply about heavy weight training and popping supplements. There is a little wiki of healthy living facts and a gallery of free bodybuilding and fitness e-books to download -- all materials produced by the featured experts. Some of these include Mike Geary, Sean Nalewanyj, Hugo Rivera and Rob Poulos. BodyBuilding Info Online also features a few videos by Branch Warren and the hard to understand but fun to watch Zuzana. This list will continue to grow as more trainers are invited to submit samples of their audio, video or written work in the future.

The BBIO is administered by Mike Pilinski, who has written two unrelated books in the men's dating market, 'Without Embarrassment' and 'She's Yours For The Taking'.

As Mr. Pilinski says: "Bodybuilding and fitness along with sports nutrition have always been an interest of mine, though I'm less into supplements now and more about maintaining a regular workout schedule for myself. Your goals need to change as you get older, you have to stay realistic. What really intrigues me though is the progression of bio-technical knowledge in this field. It's fascinating to watch, and I wanted to be able to showcase some of it."

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