Celebrate Robert Louis Stevenson’s 160th Birthday with 3D Audiobook: Treasure Island, the Experience

With the celebration of Robert Louis Stevenson's 160th birthday, Flying Word, Inc. announces the release of their new 3D audiobook -- Treasure Island, The Experience.

Online PR News – 17-November-2010 – – Minneapolis, MN-- With the celebration this weekend of Robert Louis Stevenson's 160th birthday, FlyingWord, Inc., an eBook innovator, is thrilled to announce the availability of their groundbreaking 3D audiobook -- Treasure Island, The Experience!

Treasure Island, The Experience on the App Store http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/treasure-island-the-experience/id402311859?mt=8

To see a preview video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XM3gbkRUzZs

Designed for the iPad and iPhone, the app book includes a seven hour audio performance with voices, special effects, and original music synchronized to the original text. These features are combined with rich 3D graphics, animations, and interactive elements.

"We are so happy to bring the book Treasure Island to life using images from the original printings of Treasure Island. Working with the University of Minnesota's Children's Literature Library was so fantastic. The archive has several antique copies of the original printing of Robert Louis Stevenson's books, including Treasure Island. After spending hours and hours working with these antique books, his birthday is especially meaningful to us," said Richard Monson-Haefel, FlyingWord Chief Executive Producer.

"We are delighted that after more than one hundred years we've been able to restore these great images, and breathe life into them without detracting from the original vision that Robert Louis Stevenson had back in 1900," said Joe Weber, FlyingWord Chief Executive Officer. "By using our new publishing platform and the magic of the iPad, we've been able to create this wonderful 3D pop-up experience that feels completely natural, doesn't involve the use of special 3D glasses, and fades away from the reader to allow them to focus on the words whenever they want."

"Our books are experienced through three of your five senses: sight, sound and touch. Now children who are more audible learners can enjoy this classic tale to its fullest," said Weber. "What’s more, for children who are kinetic learners -- where the ability to move things is critical -- these pictures will literally jump off the page."

Treasure Island, The Experience includes 34 original music compositions created and performed by Andrew Osano, as well as seven hours of one of the greatest Treasure Island audio narrations ever by Glenn X. Goa.

For more information on FlyingWord's new 3D Audiobook platform, please visit www.flyingword.com.

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