Global Penny Auction Site Goes 'Lite' with 250,000 Unique Visitors

Penny auction site HungryHammer has updated it’s user interface following a survey of all it’s members. Alex Pyda, Head of Media & Communications said “It’s about providing smart, swift functionality without ruining the user experience”

Online PR News – 03-October-2009 – – Hungry Hammer is one of the world’s ever growing population of Penny Auction websites with the concept sweeping the globe. Penny Auction sites first started with Entertainment Shopping launching Telebid in 2007 and rebranding to Swoopo only a year later. The idea of entertainment shopping has now spread globally with new sites popping up almost daily either concentrating on Reverse Auctions, Lowest Bid Auctions, Penny Auctions and recently Reveal Auctions.

Indeed Nick Lachey has just launched a Lowest Bid Auction site called and is just starting his “Everybody Wins” Tour of the USA personally delivering auction wins to users!

So what makes so different from the rest?

“Well it’s a difficult market to express differences in because every single day there’s somebody else coming up with a similar site trying to cash in on the Penny Auction gold mine, the vast majority are not legitimate, but we know is different and we started from the beginning to make sure that our users’ experiences were of the highest order” says Alex.

“We built with a blank sheet of paper, we didn’t purchase a script anybody can buy on the web and stick a logo on it. We built and tested it every step of the way and decided on building it in Ruby on Rails with Flex integration rather than using Ajax, Ioncube loaders and simple PHP”

“We kept a close eye on the site since it’s launch in May 2009 and having passed through 250,000 unique visitors since launch we wanted to see what our users thought. After focus groups and surveys to our users, we amended the site to what you can see now, HungryHammer Lite - an easier, slicker and smarter version of the interface”

Since the change to the new look interface, HungryHammer has seen a sharp increase in longevity of use per user and a noticeable drop in bounce rates.

“We’ve got some more exciting developments in social and mobile media afoot”, says Alex, “but we’re not telling you what they are just yet, it’s a surprise - just watch this space...”

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