Successful Internet Marketing Company, Volume 9 Highlights New Web Content Development Services

Volume 9 inc. recently expanded their service offering, adding web content development to its internet marketing toolbox.

Online PR News – 17-November-2010 – – Denver, Colorado—November 14, 2010— Denver internet marketing company, Volume 9 inc. recently expanded their product line, adding website content development services to their strategic search engine optimization offerings.

"Recent studies have revealed that content is a key element in maintaining high organic search results and gaining website visitors. Moreover, as the way that people access the internet expands and becomes more integrated, a broad range of content can increase accessibility," reports Chuck Aikens, Volume9 president.

Content is king; but only when it is well written and well optimized, according an internet usage study conducted by internet marketing research company, ROI Research. The study offered insights on just how valuable content development across various channels has become. Most notably, the value users place on organic results and the number of times users will modify a search to get specific results.

"This really highlights the importance of having and maintaining context-sensitive content that employs hearty structure of keywords and synonyms embedded in truly relevant supporting text. Searchers should be able to find you across various channels even when they modify searches. A thorough content development strategy can make that happen," Aikens explained.

Content generation is key to gaining search engine rankings and website visibility. A high quality piece of content placed on third party websites can build valuable links back to a domain, drive traffic and generate interest in products or services.

Volume 9 inc. now offers a complete set of content management solutions providing blog content development, website page development and domain acquisition and development.

"We are pleased to offer clients content development services, and provide the most effective tools available in search engine marketing," Aikens commented.

Volume 9 was founded in 2006 and offers web content development services to their partners and clients. The internet marketing company provides strategic internet marketing solutions that include the provision of unique, keyword rich content for placement on blogs, websites and third party sites. For more about Volume 9 or Web Content Development Services, call 1-800-745-1685 or visit their website.

Kathleen Steinmetz