Author David Disraeli, and founder of The Personal CFO, Inc Announces New Book

David Disraeli, Author of "What to Do With Your Aging Parents", is finishing a new book called "The Hitchhiker's Guide to Financial Security" is Mr. Disraeli's attempt to dispel volumes of misinformation about taxes, 401ks, IRAs, Roth accounts, 529 plans and life insurance.

Online PR News – 14-November-2010 – – Banks, brokers and financial planners do not tell the investing public all the facts about tax deferred investing, college savings plans and the coming tax system overhaul's affect on 401ks, IRAs and Roth accounts.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Financial Security addresses head on the potential side affects of tax deferred investing, Roth IRA's and college savings plans like 529 plans. The vast majority of financial information that Americans are exposed to encourages funding of 401ks, IRAs and 529 plans, and for good reason. These accounts create enormous fees for the institutions that sell them.

In his controversial book, Mr. Disraeli explores the potential consequences of changes to the tax code and higher marginal tax rates with respect to tax deferred accounts. For a preview of this upcoming book go to