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Genealogy research to find ancestors shouldn’t be costly.’s latest free genealogy resource section called Secrets to Finding Completely Free Ancestry Records clearly explains how to access truly free ancestry records.

Online PR News – 15-November-2010 – – launches Secrets to Finding Completely Free Ancestry Records, a series of articles, links and free resources that reveal little known ways to find ancestors for free. This is the first time anything like this has been offered online absolutely free. Find helpful clues to where free ancestry records are located and important tips for how to use them.

Family tree research is a hobby that many people enjoy in their spare time. Because most people aren’t researching every day, subscription websites, pay-for-access websites and memberships make it too expensive to make genealogy a worthwhile hobby. Often beginning researchers or genealogy hobbyists buy into a membership thinking they will find everything they need for their family research at that one website. That’s just not the case. Usually, the way to find many different records is to have memberships at several different websites. That can get very costly.

The good news is that ancestry records are available in obscure places and most of them can be accessed for free. Knowing where to look for free resources, how to access free ancestry records and using tips that professionals use can go a long way to locate needed ancestry records.

This new section, Secrets to Finding Completely Free Ancestry Records is full of helpful advice and tips. Find the best place to find genealogy resources, how to use those resources and more. Some of the tips and advice available in this section:

• The 3 most common mistakes people make and how to avoid them
• Super websites for researching family ancestry
• 5 ways to find free ancestry records

The truth of the matter is every record that is available on the subscription websites can be found for free. But very few people even know where to look. These secrets are the key to uncovering the truth about where to find ancestry records and what do with them once they’ve been found.

Melanie Walters, founder of says, “Through my own research I discovered ancestry and vital records available for free. I wanted to share those findings with anyone interested in researching their family tree for free because people get taken advantage of with high priced resources that don’t have much value for the money. This section of the website gives a lot of helpful information and points ancestry researchers in the right direction. Genealogy research can be overwhelming so I’ve tried to keep the information easy to follow by making each article only cover one topic. Access to this information on my website is absolutely free so anyone can research their family ancestry without spending any money.”

The Secrets to Finding Completely Free Ancestry Records is filled with important genealogy research tips and facts that professional genealogists take advantage of every day. Now they are available to everyone in articles that cover different aspects of finding free ancestry records.

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