Web-Nutritionist Launches Health Counseling Site Specializing in Resetting Body Metabolism

The Web-Nutritionist has developed a new health and nutrition program designed to reset your body metabolism for permanent weight loss

Online PR News – 14-November-2010 – – Ann Arbor, MI

The Web-Nutritionist has recently developed a proven permanent weight loss program based on the concept of resetting body metabolism. This program provides individual counseling for optimal health, through proper diet and nutrition.

The Web-Nutritionist is an online service; that reaches out to people across the nation, and globe. The Web-Nutritionist wants to help as many people as possible, and Internet counseling is the perfect way to do so. This online concept also stemmed from the hectic and busy lifestyles that many people lead. Instead of having to drive to an office, wait for your appointment, sit through your appointment, and drive back; the Web-Nutritionist has simplified the process. Many people just don't have the time for that! With online consulting, minimal time is required on your part. Internet based consulting saves you precious time, as well as quite a bit of money!

Weight loss can be a real struggle. Permanent weight loss can be even tougher. The Web-Nutritionist is not a mainstream nutritionist with old school methods; practices and ideals are based off of new and exciting weight loss research. The Web-Nutritionist knows the secret to real long term weight loss is through resetting the body metabolism. The Web-Nutritionist does not believe in diets of any kind; they cause numerous metabolism problems and usually fail, causing you to put the weight back on...plus some! This leads to destructive eating patterns. The Web-Nutritionist believes in lifestyle change! These methods will truly allow you to FINALLY reach your weight loss goals once and for all.

Resetting Body Metabolism. Do you feel like you can only eat a minimal amount of calories everyday in order to maintain your weight? Are you sick and tired of barely eating anything and wish you could eat the amount of food others can without gaining weight? The Web-Nutritionist has seen cases like this many times and the answer! Your metabolism has been damaged through methods of dieting/destructive eating patterns and the Web-Nutritionist will help you understand the concept of "resetting" your metabolism and help to get your metabolism back to where it should be. This is very rarely recognized in the field of nutrition, yet it is one of the first things to look for. You will be amazed by what the Web-Nutritionist has to say!