Integra logo gets a makeover, to symbolize the transformation from “Good to Great”

This press release is about the changes takes place in logo of Integra Global Solutions. It describes the story behind our new logo. Now, we are on our way to becoming a truly great company. Our new logo symbolizes the transformation from Good to Great.

Online PR News – 13-November-2010 – – Integra Global Solutions needed a new logo to represent the transformation from “good to great”. Our Directors announced an online competition for designers all around the world. Integra announced prize money for the winning design. Since the prize money was good, it attracted a lot of great designers. The response was overwhelming. In all we had about 500 entries. Finally we narrowed it down to 5 and then 3 and finally by method of elimination we selected the winning one.

Finally, the new logo symbolizes our transformation from “good to great”. The transformation is made possible because of our people’s hard work, sincerity and dedication.

Who created our new logo?
A young designer from Serbia, Ludibes. He deserves a special applause for designing a classical yet futuristic logo for Integra.

What is the meaning of our logo?
The shape and colors represent several meanings.
The logo represents the globe. Integra is a truly global company-serving client across multiple countries and continents. In the middle of the globe, there is an “i” (in blue) that represents “Integra”.
The colors on the logo represent the following:
· Blue: Ocean. The depth of knowledge of our staff in Integra is like a ocean.
· Yellow: Sun. We have the brightest minds at our company and will be the brightest amongst all lights.
· Green: Earth (ground). Whatever heights we reach, we will stay humble and down to earth.

· The colors green, white, blue and yellow (saffron) closely resembles our Indian national flag colors.
· Our logo also represents the “Pancha bootha”, the 5 elements, which is essential for life on earth. (1. Water 2. Earth 3. Fire 4. Air 5.Space)

Integra's fresh logo has an elite, accumulated angle that graphically signifies the company's change from an apprentice start-up to a truly global outsourcing company serving all around clientele. To know more about Integra’s services, visit our website.

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