Six Sigma Marketing Institute releases Audio Program

Five C's of Driving Market Share Audio Series

Online PR News – 13-November-2010 – – Fort Wayne, IN - November 13, 2010 -- The 5Cs of Driving Market Share Audio Program has been released by Six Sigma Marketing Institute. The series serves as a template for organizations needing to change from a customer satisfaction focus to a customer value focus. It has been deployed in a number of Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies and has produced positive market share growth. The 5Cs of Driving Market Share program can be found at and is offered as a 5 CD package or an audio download.

Author Dr. R. Eric Reidenbach says, "For organizations that have deployed Six Sigma or other quality initiatives, the 5 Cs approach provides a user friendly bridge for moving the quality focus from the manufacturing floor to the marketplace. Those seeking to become best in market must shift their focus from a product orientation to a market orientation, from an internal efficiency focus to an external focus. Best in market companies will be those that can make this transformation and make it soon."

The Five Cs gives you excellent background knowledge on how to build an effective and efficient marketing data set based on customer value. Customer Value is the only true measure for Driving Market Share( This audio program is based on five components:

1. Customer Identification
2. Customer Value
3. Customer Acquisition
4. Customer Retention
5. Customer Monitoring

Six Sigma Marketing is a fact-based, disciplined approach for growing market share in targeted product/markets by providing superior value. The Six Sigma Marketing Institute is dedicated to the advancement and deployment of Six Sigma Marketing. At the heart of SSM is a modified DMAIC process that provides the architecture for growing top line revenues and market share.

Dr. Eric Reidenbach is the Director of the Six Sigma Marketing Institute, the leading organizations and authority of Six Sigma Marketing( Dr. Reidenbach has developed a number of unique approaches for measuring and managing value, the best leading indicator of market share growth. His consulting services are absolutely unique. They are filled with proprietary measurement and management techniques designed to help you grow market share and top line revenues. Dr. Reidenbach is the author of over 20 books on marketing and market research.

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If you visit the website, you can download the Value Stream Marketing eBook. Dager’s experience includes numerous start-ups, several turnarounds in variety of industries to include manufacturing, retail, and professional services to include marketing.

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