German Refugee Job Project Wins Demography Excellence Award 2016

The company won the award for creating initiatives that gives refugees works

Online PR News – 24-November-2016 – PLETTENBERGSTR, STUTTGART, GERMANY, NOVEMBER 17, 2016 – – The Stuttgart Internet company-Market which is the brain behind http://http://www.Freelancer.International has won this year’s Demography Excellence Award in the category “innovative and digital”. The award was announced during a high-caliber gala event in Hamburg on 17th of November 2016.

The Demography Excellence Award honors companies and individuals that embarked on outstanding demography-oriented projects, products and services. The initiative is supported by powerful partners such as Ernst & Young, Kienbaum Consulting, the German Labor Agency and the German Trade Union Association. The prizes were divided among seven categories. Besides Freelance-Market also Daimler and Coca Cola were among the seven award winners.

The initiative is aimed at giving refugees and asylum seekers opportunities to use the contractor introduction services of free. So far, the refugees have had an opportunity to do range of projects which include software development, new project planning, database evaluation, customer loyalty concepts, mechanical engineering design development and the development of data transfer tools.

Most of these refugees come from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan and already obtained an academic degree and sound professional experience from their home country. Their employers include the Afghan Television, Syrian National Bank, and BP.

Hani Alfaval, who came to Germany in early 2015, is an example of qualified refugees. He was only 29-years old when the Civil War broke out during his literary and American studies in Damascus. Hani speaks English fluently but still finds it difficult to secure a job as a journalist in Germany. He has received no single job interview invitation despite sending over 300 applications. Thanks to a scholarship, Hani is now back to school studying German full-time and has also listed himself as a freelancer at the same time. “I’m looking forward to find my first job in Germany soon, - He said”.

Samir Mkaled, a 47-year-old Syrian who found refuge in the German city of Speyer is another great example of this initiative. He is a registered member at Here is what he has to say; "I came to Germany at the beginning of the year because I no longer saw any hope to live a secure life in my home country. It is difficult to learn German and find a job at the same time when you are on your own." Samir is a master’s degree holder in engineering and also have a degree in controlling and computer technology from the University of Damascus. He worked as an electrical engineer for 13 years in Syria. Samir can speak English, Russian and Arabic and he is currently learning German. Currently, a lot of companies are interested in highly qualified academics such as Samir due to the lack of skilled labor in Germany. "I am very grateful for the help and see the freelance work as a good start into the working life, since the German system works very slowly and finding a permanent position seems almost impossible for me at the moment", says the motivated Syrian.

Mashaan Samer, a 26-year-old graphic designer from Homs and a beneficially of this initiative says: "I rely on the help of people and I hope that my qualifications help me get a job. I see working as a freelancer as a way to gain a foothold in the German labor market."
So far, the initiative has received a good support from high-ranking members of German government including Ruth Ratter, a member of the Green Party and deputy of the parliament of Rhineland-Palatinate. The spokeswoman for education and cultural policy has also shown her support for the initiative in the following words; “I am very pleased with the commitment of the project team,".

Independent help organizations, such as Caritas Stuttgart, react positively. "Refugees who meet the requirements of http://http://www.Freelancer.International will be informed immediately about the project," says an honorary officer of Caritas.
Various language courses, such as the Akademie Seehof and the Otto-Benecke-Foundation, distribute flyers to draw attention of qualified refugees.

The initiative uses various channels such as language courses, contacts to free institutions, refugee accommodation and politicians to address qualified refugees. They also make use of press and social media platforms in reaching out to qualified refugees. A lot of German media such as the Stuttgarter Zeitung, Radio Antenne 1 and French Dauphiné Libéré reported on the initiative.

More and more companies are showing their interest in refugees and their support for the initiative which is not surprising. In fact, one auditing firm and one exchange trader requested for a master of informatics from Damascus within a fortnight. Since the job is project-related, the refugees can be tested during a short project.

Companies can easily choose and hire English-speaking refugees by visiting http://www.freelancer.International/refugee for free. 100% of the payments go to the refugees.
Refugees who want to take part in this initiative can access it for free by using http://www.freelancer.International. However, he will need to have good English language skills, an academic degree and a recognized refugee status. A lot of qualified refugees have already registered on http://www.freelancer.internaional for jobs such as consultant, architect, electrical engineer, accountant, journalist, graphic designer, programmer or translator.

More refugees are still needed in order to better meet the demand for qualified refugees. . Refugees who wish to register should write "Free usage of Freelancer.International as I am a legitimate refugee / asylum recipient in Germany".