Berlitz Announces Learning a Second Language Has Health Benefits

Studies show that learning a new language helps improve brain activity. Multiple studies have been conducted on the benefits of studying a second language

Online PR News – 22-November-2016 – Toronto, ON – Studies show that learning a new language helps improve brain activity. Multiple studies have been conducted on the benefits of studying a second language, according to Berlitz. One study which was published in the Annals of Neurology in 2014 showed that it can slow aging of the brain and even delay the beginnings of dementia.

This study was conducted at the University of Edinburgh and focused on the participants cognitive abilities. The research was gathered from 2008 to 2010 and all participants were able to speak in at least one other language besides English. The majority of participants learned the second language prior to turning age 18 while the other learned after becoming an adult. The study is significant because it showed the benefits were similar for both groups, which means people who learn a new language later in life will still see improvements in brain activity.

A second study showed that people who can speak two or more languages often have improved ability to focus. Because they have to learn to think in two languages, they are more in tune to information in various situations. Another study conducted by researcher at Penn State University focused on a short six-week period where half of the participants learned the Chinese vocabulary. The results showed that those with a more connected brain network performed better. At the end of the testing period, brain function was showed to have improved for those who were most successful. Age didn’t matter, which is an important finding for those who are middle-aged and older.

The researchers from the third study have begun working on new methods of teaching a foreign language to help form new connections and improve results. The goal is to find ways to alter learning to become more like that of a child.

The information gleaned from these studies is important because it opens up new potential for people who want to slow the mental aging process. As a representative of Berlitz, a Toronto-based language training company, says, "The importance and value of learning a second language cannot be overlooked." Adults of all ages can benefit from the challenges that come in the process of learning to speak French, English or any other language. These advantages don't require someone to develop expert status, but to learn the basics of a second language enough to communicate when necessary.

Anyone who has been interested in learning how to speak a foreign language will be encouraged to pursue this challenge because of the added benefits. It's important to find a reputable company with a proven track record for teaching the specified language. Berlitz is a language training company that offers a variety of teaching methods to fit different schedules and personalities. The company provides private and group lessons as well as online language learning programs and those that are geared towards businesses and government agencies. They also have programs for children and teens for anyone who wants to start their children on the right track early.