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11/14/2010 is a newly launched online store for selecting pet products.

Online PR News – 14-November-2010 – – If you have a pet and you want the very best for it, is the ideal place to cater to the needs of the pampered member of your house.

If you have a dog, has a wide variety of goods for it. There are a number of dog dishes and bowls with lovely decorations. The dog houses, made of varied materials are attractive, and offer cozy accommodation for your pet out of doors. If you want your pet to be comfortable in all seasons, you can take a look at the different kinds of garments that are available here. The raincoats, t-shirts, sweat shirts, sweaters, are all really adorable and a must have for your pet. If you wish to have your pet by your side, without the hair and the dirt, you could use the durable and waterproof throw that comes in handy everywhere. And don't forget to pick up the toys especially made to last and give company to your pets.

If your pet is a cat, there are a lot of goodies for it, too. There are different kinds of collars, in various colors; and bells of different types. You can buy playpens for your pet cat, as well as cat trees and gyms, which are absolutely safe to use. There are strollers for your pets and carry-bags, too . You can also avail of containers to store your pet's favourite food, which comes in a great variety, from tuna to turkey and chicken to beef.

There are treats for birds as well. So, if you have a bird / birds for pets, you can get some of these wonderful things for them, too. There are bird- cages of different makes, from walk-in aviaries to Victorian corner cages. You can also get bird play centers, bird play gyms, and bird play stands for your very own bird. There are lovely looking chewables for the birds, and there is a wonderful swing for parrots. Food comes in different packets - for canaries/ finches, for parrots, for cockatoos, and so on. There are sprays to help to maintain the glossy feathers of the birds.

Even if you have some other pet, you're likely to find the products that you wish to get for them at If you wish to make your pet feel and look special, if you wish to pamper it, visit the webshop at