New White Paper addresses the importance of non-compete agreements in Health IT

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Online PR News – 11-November-2010 – – In the fast paced Health IT industry, protecting an organization's investment is paramount. Edges can be gained and lost in frighteningly short time. So how does a health IT company keep important information closely held? Learn more by reading a free white paper from O'Toole Law Group titled Non-Compete Agreements And EHR Companies.

"The HITECH Act has created a situation where healthcare information technology professionals are on the move and HIT personnel are changing employers with frequency not seen before", says Bill O'Toole, author of the white paper. "What is the small EHR vendor going to do to protect itself? Going further, the concern is not limited to the small company. Established HIT companies or highly advanced medical provider entities that write their own applications should have the same concerns" said O'Toole.

Non-compete agreements (NCAs) are designed to prevent individuals from leaving a company or healthcare entity with valuable information and then using that information in a new job with a competitor of the company or entity to the detriment of that original company/employer. This brief white paper provides important insight from the perspective of both the individual employee and the healthcare provider or HIT company employer.

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