New Fertility Method Offers Women a Unique, Holistic Solution

Kallima Fertility Method launches a new book and website providing fertility solutions and support.

Online PR News – 11-November-2010 – – With the number of women facing fertility issues on the rise, many are taking matters into their own hands and searching for alternative solutions. The Kallima Fertility Method not only provides one of the most comprehensive lists of tips available to increase fertility, but even more importantly, it addresses the woman as a complete person and takes a truly holistic approach.

“Facing fertility issues while trying to conceive can be very difficult and filled with many emotions. The Kallima Fertility Method helps a woman to see this period in her life as a sacred and transformational journey of self discovery and healing”, says Jenny Hepler, author of the Kallima Fertility Method, Holistic Life Coach and owner of Kallima Coaching.

This Method consists of an ebook and two guided meditations. The ebook focuses on four main areas:

Body: A guide to the process of ovulation and conception, basal body temperature charting, diet, what to avoid in your diet, what to add to your diet, alternative therapies and how stress affects fertility.

Environment: How your environment can affect your chances of conceiving - feng shui fertility basics and space clearing.

Relationship: Keeping your relationship with your partner strong and men’s fertility tips.

Spirit: Practicing gratitude, dream interpretation, using meditation, releasing negative thoughts and emotions, as well as using the Law of Attraction.

The two meditations, the Healing Temple and the Secret Garden, provide extra support and relaxation for a woman and allow her to connect on a deeper level with herself.

As an introductory offer, both of these mediation mp3’s can be downloaded for free with the purchase of the Kallima Fertility Method ebook.