Invisible undershirt – men’s business underwear, invented and traditionally handmade in Germany.

New invention: men's business underwear. German company launched a complete underwear collection for business men needs.

Online PR News – 12-November-2010 – – The classic men’s undershirt – known and used since decennia, re-invented in Germany.

Undershirt is not undershirt. The German founder of the new fashion label ALBERT KREUZ was desperate years ago , when he tried to find adapted underwear under the business dress he needed to wear every day in his former work. Every available type of undershirt had a lot of disadvantages: too short, it slips out of the trouser not even you move a little bit – e.g. when entering the car while driving to the next meeting; too large, a lot of uncomfortable wrinkles are formed under your shirt and the jacket nearly has difficulties to be closed; too thick, you feel to wear a heavy shirt and start to sweat; the cut and color, the undershirt shines through your shirt and make you feel really embarrassed. At least the choice between a T-shirt and a tank top: the second one is clearly apparent under the business shirt and every little beginning of sweat goes directly on your shirt and let your business shirt seem really incorrect. The T-Shirt makes your business dress become incorrect if the undershirt is visible under the elegant shirt. In addition to the problem of an adapted undershirt, he felt every day the nipping boxer shorts or briefs.

This was the moment to end this situation. He left his former work as employee in an insurance company and started his own fashion company with the only intent to offer comfortable, fashionable and high quality underwear for business men! He took the designer’s pencil and started to create his own underwear collection, considering all the disadvantages he experienced every day while wearing the “normal underwear”. From the beginning on, his inventions were really revolutionary – e.g. he dared to use a skin colored fabric, till then used exclusively in the women’s underwear sector. The cut and the material, specially adapted to the use under a business shirt – finest row material, body-fitting, comfortable, functional – sewed in a German manufactory. This concept was really successful, as the first edition of the new “invisible undershirt” was immediately sold out. Uwe Schmidt, general manager and founder of ALBERT KREUZ continued to invent every new article of his label by his own and appealed to customers. The range covers every kind of business underwear need: the invisible undershirt, the functional anti-bacterial undershirt, the boxer short without seam on the backside, special socks extra-resistant and comfortable in the same time.

The idea to create underwear for a business man was rewarded: After two successful business years on the German speaking market, the label launched recently the Italian website and actually expanded to the global market with the launch of

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